Tips Regarding What Not to Do in London

Being one of the best tourist destinations in the world, London offers a lot including wonderful attractions, spectacular historic landmarks, some of the best museums, theatres, and art galleries of the world, multi-cuisine restaurants, pubs and bars and beautiful parks and gardens. However, if you wish to have a great time in the city it would be best to know as to what should not be done in the city. The following are some of the tips offered by Londoners:

Tips Regarding London Underground: If you are not aware of some of the norms for travel on the fantastic public transport system in London, you will stand out. You should not stand on the left side of tube escalator but on the right side because the left side is for people in a hurry trying to catch a train, who wish to go past you. Moreover, you should not stop once you have reached the top as others behind you would like to get off the moving steps and move ahead. If you have to wait, you should move a little away from the escalator and wait by the wall. If you are travelling with luggage, do not leave it in a doorway and then sit away. You should look for spaces meant for keeping the luggage so that you can keep it there and not come in others’ way. Try to avoid travelling during peak hours as the tubes are full of Londoners trying to get to and from work.

Suggestions for Walking on the Pavement: You must not stop in the entrance/exit of shops/ museums to wait for others in your group as the space is for everyone and others will certainly not like your blocking it. If you are on a narrow pavement you should not walk in a line of 3 to 4 or more people as others behind you will not be able to pass. On central London pavements, it is best to walk two abreast and keep children on the inside. The worst thing you can do is to spread out and then walk slowly as this will irritate Londoners who have a somewhat faster pace of life as they have very little time to waste and need to get from one place to another as quickly as possible. For crossing the road, you should just look on the ground and see which way to look for traffic. The best is to use pedestrian crossings.

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Tips for Dining: Dining at cafes, coffee shops or chain restaurants is not advisable as they have poor hygiene standards and you may feel unwell the next day. Apart from Starbucks, the Angus Steakhouse chain has also been found to have poor hygiene standards and high prices. You can find plenty of other places for good steak in London.

Tips on Personal Safety: As you would certainly not like to lose your valuables and your hard-earned money, it is best to look after your personal possessions and never leave your handbag open and do not keep your wallet in your back pocket. You should wear such clothes as will allow you to zip up your valuables safely in the inside hidden pockets. Do not use a handbag that does not zip up fully.

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Do Not Swim in the Thames: It is not a good idea to swim in the River Thames even if it is a hot day and there is nothing better that you would like than getting into the water. The main reason for this advice is that the water is very deep, much deeper than what you may be anticipating and boats keep moving in both directions throughout the day. Moreover at certain times of the day, the water can be deeper because the river is tidal, with the tides coming in very quickly. The other reason is that even though many steps have been taken to clean the river, and many types of fish are present in it, it is not considered fit for people to swim in. You should also wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you come out of the river.

Do Not Jump the Queue: The British are known to be highly disciplined people who stick to their principles and follow all rules meticulously. As such, they will never jump a queue and they get horrified to see someone moving out of the queue and go to the front. They do not like anyone doing so and look askance at them. So, if you do not want to be singled out, it is best that you stick to your position in the queue and always wait for your turn, respecting the fact that others have also been waiting patiently.

Do Not Dress Too Formally: Except in some business districts such as The City and Canary Wharf where most people wear suits, Londoners generally wear casual clothes such as jeans and casual tops. Even in the case of shoes, it is best to wear comfortable shoes just like Londoners who walk a lot. Moreover, black clothing is described as default clothing colour in London. Do not wear items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts proclaiming ’I heart London’ as you will stand out as a tourist.

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