Things that travellers should know about the River Thames before they get to London

Whether travellers want to or not they will always come across the River Thames when visiting London. This amazing water has seen all of London’s most important historic events and is a landmark itself that visitors deliberately head to when on holiday. It is certainly a very interesting part of the capital that provides numerous stories and has many functions in the way the city is run. For instance two-thirds of the capital’s drinking water comes from the River Thames. There are 44 river locks along the water with the last one in the London district of Teddington, and the first is found in a town called Lechlade in Gloucestershire.

A lock is a device which is used to raise and lower ships and boats on river and canal waterways. Another fascinating fact is that there are more than 200 bridges that cross the river with the first that was built by the Romans almost 2000 years ago near London Bridge. A fun thing to know is that Westminster Bridge is painted a green shade which is the same as the leather benches in the House of Commons. Tourists adore heading to the lovely Waterloo Bridge that is the longest in London at 1,250 feet. Travellers will certainly love the brilliant bridge structures in the city of London that are captivating pieces of architecture.

Tourists heading to central London will want to be based close to attractions and sights so should choose somewhere central. Travellers will adore heading to the Hotels in Norfolk Square London that offers spacious rooms in this boutique accommodation that’s ideal for leisure and business tourists. Found in Paddington this residence is close to the tube and train station allowing visitors to easily get around the city. Tourists who book directly through the hotel website will get a delicious complimentary breakfast. The lavish living spaces are decorated in a beautiful manner and have comfortable beds for a wonderful night’s sleep.

There are more than 100 species of fish in the river and there are other water creatures including river voles, otters and eels. The River Thames is around 215 miles long and many places claim to be the source, such as Thames Head in Gloucestershire. Others have said it’s at Seven Springs that is also in the county of Gloucestershire. The river was actually used as a public dumping ground before Sir Joseph Bazalgette created the city’s sewer system in 1865. This was created due to an event called The Great Stink which was when the river smelled very bad from the rubbish in there and the government took action.

The River Thames is known as a place where many artists were encouraged to create their best works. French impressionist painter Claude Monet used the river a number of times in his work including his most famous The Thames below Westminster. The waterside is still a romantic place for couples and it’s just very lovely to have a stroll along the river whether in the day or at night. Tourists will definitely adore heading to this amazing river as there is so much to offer there from exciting boat tours to its wonderful arts scene on the South Bank.

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