London Welcomes Millions of Travellers Every Year

It is now officially correct and proven that the capital city of England is the most popular tourist destination in the world. It is a renowned place for all kinds of tourists coming in. Some travel for business or for work, whereas some travel for fun and holiday. The city welcomes all with open arms and offers all sorts of conveniences including great accommodation etc.

The city is a busy one and no matter at what time of the year or season is holidaymakers can be seen flocking around here and there. Many could be seen clicking pictures around the famous breathtaking attractions, however many could be seen exploring the poplar shopping markets in London. There are lot many reasons why people are glued to London city and almost everyone wants to come here once in their lifetime.

From accommodation point of view the city has all sorts of arrangements for both luxury and visitors travelling on a budget. For those who are not travelling under any budget constraint can get their accommodation booked in any of the luxury hotels. In recent years the city has experienced an increase in visitors by 12%. This figure is out by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions. Morever, the year 2013 has been a record breaker in terms of people visiting the city.

The city keeps alluring visitors every now and then and there are many reasons to visit London. It is an exciting city boasting of some of the best sights and attractions. With so much to do in here no matter what is your age you will never get a feeling of boredom while you are here.

Some of the well known reasons for tourists coming in here are:

Top London Attractions

Overseas visitors especially love to discover great architecture and the amazing attractions which are here in London. Their love for these attractions is immense and everyone wants to catch a glimpse of such heritage sights. London swanks top ten famous attractions including from the London Eye to the historic Tower of London. Some of the other famous ones are: Tate Modern, Science Museum, National Gallery, Westminster Abbey and St Pauls Cathedral etc.

Tourists visiting here are spoilt for choices as there is so much to do and so much to see. Many famous events including Changing the Guard Ceremony at the Buckingham Palace are worth watching. This list of top attractions is based on the number of visitors visiting these on yearly basis. Thus, they become some of the popular tourist’s hotspots.

Accommodation in London

There is an accommodation to suit every budget and travellers needs and fit in expectations of all. There are many famous hotels including luxury ones and there are cheaper options too from hotels and bed and breakfasts hotels. Hotels in central london however are the most prominent ones as majorly all tourists prefer to stay here. The area gives easy accessibility to all major London attractions which saves both time and money.

Moreover, as far as accommodation is concerned there is no dearth of it in London. Special family friendly hotels are available and serviced apartments too which are majorly used in case of long term stays.

Shopping Here and There

When it comes to shopping in London there is no match to any other place in the world. From eminent flagship stores to the popular street markets the city offers you everything. Don’t forget to visit iconic department stores including Selfridges and Harrods. City’s shopping guide is amazing and one can easily get hold of plenty of bargain fashion.

Since, it is the time of festivities now you will find lots of Christmas shopping hotspots and other alternative Christmas shops. Staying at montcalm hotel london city can make exploring things easy for anyone.

London Theatre

Fun and entertainment is an integral part of the city. From entertainment point of view the city allures many tourists every year. In the world London has got the best theatre scene. You can take your pick from classic plays to latest running shows and cutting edge plays. London’s West End is one of the areas which are popular for its fabulous range of theatres and other tourist attractions. West End is the prime business centre and financial district in London and is an entertainment centre as well.

Food and Drinks in London

London has got diverse restaurants and several Michelin starred restaurants as well.  While you are in the city you can take yourself to a culinary journey. The traditional British menu is served at almost all good restaurants which is a must for everyone to try. With rooftop bars, riverside pubs and several other champagne bars there is a lot which you can witness herein terms if food and drinks. Also London is popular for its street food which makes it a foodie’s delight.

Captivating Views

Once you have enjoyed the city from the ground level it’s time to take a rise and step into an altogether different world. The skyline of the city has been evolving continuously since years now. Every now and then something enigmatic is added to the skyline making it even more beautiful. There are lots and lots of places from where you can catch the glimpse of the best of views of London. View from The Shard or from London Eye is breathtaking in itself. The panoramic view of the city from high locations is extremely beautiful.

These are some of the reasons because of which the city allures plenty of tourists each year thus, making it one of the most visited tourist attraction in the world.

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