How Hotels can Raise Booking Rates Through Excellent Content Marketing Strategies

A hotel business needs to offer a wonderful online presence that can be created through a superb content marketing plan. There are many methods that companies can use to beat rivals to new customers, but a clear strategy needs to be created for revenue management. Firms want to save money and this can only be done by a focused outlook on what works and what does not. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of advertising a hotel online and is ideal for getting guests to an accommodation site. The website’s home page and its blogs must be peppered with relevant keywords and phrases for this to work.

There must also be beautiful images and informative videos with captions that use particular words that could be searched online. Hotel blogs should contain interesting titles so that tourists click on them and then hopefully head straight to the website to book a room. Posts could include details about what is available at the hotel including a spa or fitness facilities and provide information about nearby restaurants and cafes. Websites should include pages that have captivating details about the hotel, but everything that is on there must be relevant. Tourists can easily be put off by a site if they feel that it is not answering their questions.

A site also needs to be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate so that booking is extremely quick. Travellers want a superb hotel booking engine to make their reservation because often they do not have time to waste and want to get on with their day. The website also needs to load speedily as there is nothing worse than waiting for it to appear. If it is more than a few seconds tourists will be put off and could perhaps head to another website. Social media should be top of the list of things to do for any hotel business. This is a place where businesses can get access to a fresh audience that could become loyal future customers.

Social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that should be regularly updated. Hotel businesses will not run out of anything to say as there are constant changes happening at the property every day. Maybe there was a wedding at the residence that with the permission of the bride and groom could be shown on Twitter, or maybe it is Christmas and the hotel wants to put a picture up of a decorated tree. Short videos could be put on social media to advertise a seasonal event or help tourists learn about business facilities.

A firm that can help websites create a strong marketing plan is Digital Hoteliers that have qualified staff members knowledgeable in advertising. This amazing team will offer advice concerning revenue management and social media practices. They will create a fantastic bespoke web design and provide an excellent reservation system. The consultants can help with SEO and PPC advertising, as well as blogging and creating videos for the site. The diligent experts work closely with their clients to find out their unique selling points to help promote them online. Firms will certainly be more successful with their help and support.

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