Editorial findings of St. James London

St. James London may be one of the most travelled places, but somewhat less known to the people living in the vicinity, walking past the streets in this area. The place has some of the most intriguing monuments and tourist spots which should be visited at least once.

St. James Palace:
This beautiful palace is built by King Henry and this was earlier a ground that served the lepers, a hospital dedicated to treating the leprosy affected patients. The palace complex had once been given the credit of a royal residence, but with the passage of time the place holds the traditional touch and now the Clarence House inside the Palace premises is home to the very own Price Charles and his wife. The palace holds a charm as one can spot the Queen in the beautiful American Bar near the Stafford area.

Spencer House: This is one of the posh and private places in the city a place that has been the residence to our beloved princess Diana. The palace stands close to the St. James Palace and has been built on the Gregorian lines depicting the artistic side of the city, this place is currently occupied by Rothschild presently though renovations have been an on and off affair yet the culture has been restored. The place is open for the local and visitors on Sundays when the people can take a pick to spend some time admiring the beauty.

Red Lion Pub: A beautiful place to be in as the dusk starts dawning upon the London city, if you are self-exploring the area and have been walking down the square and feeling a little fatigued you must hit this amazing place and order a pint to swallow down your throat while you sit and relax listening to the cheer of the lively crowd, the highlight of this place is that this place has the oldest beer license procured by the management.

Clubland : The area in and around St. James had some beautiful coffee shops opened during the 15th century times, but with the passage of time there has been these clubhouses springing up in their place, they are aristocratic, trendy , flash and at time upper class little more than ultra-exclusive. Few of my friends staying at the Lancaster gate hotel London had been club hopping as they planned to visit the St. James square and thoroughly enjoyed doing the same.

Lock and Co. Hatters: If you love hats or you love the old English classics do not give up the chance of visiting this old shop at the St. James Street they are doing business since the 16th century. The gallery suggests they have served people from the royal lineage and also celebrity stars, my friends from Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel found it really thrilling and they even shopped for some really stylish hats. The highlight of this shop is that it has also served commoners unlike the bigwigs, but at an affordable price and these things speak volumes about the shop owners.

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