Attractions of London’s Southbank

Situated 800 metres southeast of the centre point of London, South Bank is just next to the River Thames opposite the City of Westminster. This entertainment and commercial district of Central London forms a narrow, unequal strip of riverside land that includes the County Hall, the Sea Life London Aquarium, the London Dungeon, Jubilee Gardens and the London Eye, the Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall and National Theatre and many more attractions. There are major residential parts in both the County Hall and the Shell Centre. With so much to see and to do in London Southbank, you can have a wondrous time. Once the visitors go round the various interesting tourist spots, they will have an experience of a lifetime and they will love the place. Given below are some of the most interesting places.

Wahaca:  Among the many interesting attractions at Southbank London, is the Wahaca which is a famous Mexican Restaurant under the supervision of Thomasina Miers, a British chef who manages the place very well and offers a wonderful street food dining experience. The restaurant has been constructed out of old shipping containers and guests can sit in the double place sitting style. One of its best presentations is the slowly cooked pork burrito which creates a very special and exotic dish, fit to be called the most famous dish in the city.

National Theatre: Located on the South Bank of the Thames, this theatre exhibits up to 25 new shows a year on its stages. It offers three theatres, a learning centre, theatre tours, restaurants, a riverside bar and a bookshop. Live theatre lovers find it to be a great place as some world renowned performances having taken place here including the performances by famous actors like Peter O’Toole, Judi Dench and Lawrence Olivier. The productions of this theatre are also performed in the West End and on tour. With the help of National Theatre Live, they also broadcast to cinemas worldwide and stream plays free to UK schools and they create quite a lot of digital content about theatre. It has produced more than 800 performances at a stretch.

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Gabriel’s Wharf: Having a location at the famous OXO Tower and situated close to the National Theatre, Gabriel’s Wharf in the Southbank area is famous for being home to some independent shops selling excellent goods such as knitwear and home accessories. The shops also offer interesting special souvenirs. There are a few mainstream restaurants in the area where you can relish food with a classic taste. Visitors can also enjoy delicious food at the Pieminster and enjoy other activities here.

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House of the Vans: Located underneath the Waterloo Station, the House of the Vans in Southbank is home to one of the best indoor skate parks in London where visitors can enjoy live music. This venue has a great ambiance that also features a cosy cinema arrangement that has a bean bag sitting style that offers even more unique enjoyment. This place also offers a cafe and double bars where you can enjoy US fast foods with extraordinary taste. It is the right place where you can let loose your imagination and be as creative as possible.

Royal Festival Hall: Located at the Southbank Centre, the Royal Festival Hall has a seating capacity of about 3000 people and offers an ideal performance place where tourists can enjoy entertaining and funny acts by famous and well-known comedians.  Some of the finest orchestras play lovely music that will make you feel great. Moreover, many local and international experts visit the venue for sharing useful information. The place offers an ideal spot at its fifth floor balcony for enjoying a lovely view of the city getting illuminated as darkness engulfs it, while sipping from a glass of wine.

British Film Institute: This film and charitable organisation that promotes and preserves filmmaking and television in the UK also encourages the development of the arts of film, television. Located at the Southbank district, it offers an excellent blend of history and style and has the objective of promoting education about film, television nod the moving image and their impact on society. The venue has an exterior bar where guests who have come for watching a show can have a drink. Some of the loveliest screens have been provided at the interior house. Seasonal food is served at the Benugo Bar & Kitchen while the set menu is liked by all guests.

The Southbank area also houses a selection of the best boutiques in town and visitors can also take part in exhibitions and events that take place here. The other offerings at the venue include a bar, restaurant and the brasserie. Many recreational venues are also present here where visitors can relax and enjoy tasty food and drinks. This area is visited by an estimated 14 million people each year mainly because of the large number of attractions here. Besides the London Eye and Tower Bridge, the South Bank also offers a two-mile stretch of diverting, largely state-funded arts and entertainment venues and events. Modern-day life at this area started in 1951 with the Festival of Britain that was organised to boost the sagging morale after World War II. The riverside really took off in the new millennium when the London Eye, Tate Modern and Millennium Bridge were established and the Borough Market was expanded.

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