Popular errors that tourists make when visiting the bustling capital city of London

Being a tourist in London can be a very daunting prospect especially if visiting for the first time. Travellers look like they are new to the area especially if carrying a guide book but it’s often simple confusions that can lead them to the wrong place and hinder their progress. For instance travellers often get confused with the British Museum and the Museum of London. The British Museum is about history and art, and the Museum of London is as the title suggests about the capital. Both are wonderful places to visit but show very different things. It is important that travellers check where it is they are going to get the right venue.

Another common confusion is thinking that London Bridge is Tower Bridge, and this is a shame because the latter is absolutely beautiful. Tower Bridge is often visited by tourists and is a popular attraction with an amazing drawbridge. A common mistake that travellers make when they come to London is when using escalators on the underground. Tourists who wish to stand while using this should stay on the right, but if they want to walk up or down they can do so on the left. Londoners can often be in a hurry to work or out and about, so can get annoyed with people who flout this rule that genuinely creates an effective travelling system.

A further useful bit of advice is for tourists to try and not travel at certain points of the day. Of course they are not banned from doing so, but for their own interests should avoid peak travelling times. The tube is very full between 7am and 9am as well as the evening rush that is 5pm to 7pm when workers are returning home. Tourists will be much happier not travelling at these times as it means squashing themselves into an underground train. Many tourists also head to the city thinking that it will be table service in eateries. That is not necessarily the case especially in pubs where travellers definitely need to go to the bar to order food.

Many tourists visiting London think it doesn’t have enough greenery, but this is really not the case. Visitors should venture to one of its beautiful green spaces including Hyde Park or Regent’s Park. On the outskirts of the capital there is the amazing Kew Gardens and also Richmond Park known for its wild deer. Often travellers associate the British public with drinking tea and think that places like London won’t be able to provide a decent cup of coffee. There are plenty of top coffee spots in the capital that offer delicious beverages that are found in the famous global chain cafes, or in many independent coffee shops.

Travellers heading to London will not be short of places to choose when trying to find an accommodation. There are many amazing residences including the Tudor Court Hotel Paddington. The hotels near Paddington Station London are superb and this boutique venue offers beautiful rooms with modern amenities including a flatscreen television and en-suite bathroom. The residence is housed in a pretty Victorian listed building and the rooms are decorated in a lovely manner. If tourists book their room directly on the accommodation website they will get a delicious complimentary breakfast during their holiday there.

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