Top 10 Places To Visit For First Timers In London

Unlike any other city in the world, London is huge, packed with activities and fast paced. At the same time, there are certain locations in London which are not to be missed. Thus, undoubtedly, it is a great city in the world, and there are few things which a first timer need to keep in mind while they are in London.

Here, you will learn about top ten places in London and plan your days accordingly so that you do not miss them out.

Tower Of London
• Amongst all the important places to visit in London, you can kick start our visiting days with Tower of London. It is the symbol of monarchy and domination of London on rest of the world.

• Established by, William the Conquer in 1066 as an icon of Norman Conquest in England and it is standing as an undoubting symbol of royalty and monarchy in England since then.

•  It is rare surviving fortress which had played several roles over the history of this contributing its fair share in shaping this nation.

• Visiting this place is a must for it once a royal residence, a mint, infamous for its gory past owing to its prison reputation and of course, holds the glorious and world famous Crown Jewels in its museum. Drop in at this place early to skip the crowd.

Great Sights At South Bank
• An excellent way to visit most the important locations in London within few minutes walking distance is to stroll around south bank and witness some of the iconic symbols of the city standing gloriously unshaken by time.

• The sights are all enlisted on west to east walk along the south bank of Thames. Catch an underground tube to Westminster and you will be right near Big Ben. Or to get a better understanding of this structure takes a tour of remarkable Hoses of Parliament.

• You will walk through the heart of UK’s democracy and know much of its politics from the past which many are unknown of.

• The list does not end here, as there is the Southbank center, London Eye, Tate Modern and the legendary Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

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Sipping On Afternoon Tea
• London is full of legends, and one of them is the famous afternoon tea. Anyone who has visited London for the first time, will not likely to miss this experience that is preserved like a heritage here. This is not all as afternoon tea comes with an array of good food like delicate and delicious sandwiches, cream filled scones, muffins and much more.

• There are a number of classic places in London where you can have this experience like Ritz or Claridge’s and also try the Goring’s terrace hangout.

Soho And Its Nightlife
• Nightlife in London is also quite famous and to choose one place to let your hair down for the night is undoubtedly Soho.

• It is where you can have a nocturnally good time with densely packed crowds. For centuries it was a bohemian quarter and also served as London’s red-light area.

• It is also known for city’s most popular gay community since 1980’s. If you have not booked a table then, you will join the pavement loiters who are also waiting for a table Flatiron or Polpo. You if you want to skip the crowd then, book ahead at BobBob Ricard.

Museums At South Kensington
• After the southern bank of Thames, next, is the South Kensington, where city’s most of the museums are concentrated.

• Within walking distance, the trio of world-class museums is a neighbor to one another and have equal glories preserved within themselves. There are Victoria & Albert Museum and Science Museum, which you can visit within short walking distance.

• These museums are open doors to many evening exhibitions and events along with food and music.

• If you take a few steps further, you will enter the Jurassic period where Dinosaurs and other dangerous predators of prehistoric world are seen in fossilized form.

Britsih Museum
• Take a trip to magnificent British Museum and unravel an array of treasures with dazzling past. With free eye opener tours, you will get valuable insights on treasure collection in the museum.

• Some of the breathtaking highlights of this place are the Rosetta Stone and also the Mummy of Katebet and Lewis Chessmen.

• This museum is huge, and you need to be patience to know about every single thing placed in the museum.

Queen And Buckingham Palace
• This capital city of the world is known for its historical palaces so that the visitors might know about the Royals and take a sneak peek in their life.

• Thus, your trip is not over until you visit Buckingham Palace and watch the traditional custom event of the Changing of the Guard.

• This age-old ritual is something which you simply cannot miss out. Arrive at the location early to get a good view.

Theater Scene In London
• Theater scene in London is as glorious as its history and it is the best place to enjoy theater that surpasses even the big names of New York City.

• West End is the place where you will find the famous faces and glittering talents that will ensure an afternoon and evening of entertainment and fun.

• There are also other alternatives like Royal Court, Almeida and also Barbican.

Some Hipster Fun
• Take a day out on Sunday and see East London come alive with all the markets in BrickLane for vintage clothes, bric-a-brac and of course, street food.

• There is also Broadway Market if you want to visit some laid back bars, cool shops, and restaurant.

Countryside Experience
• Explore London’s charm and hidden corners and take a whiff of the city’s bygone village era in quaint Hampstead Heath.

• It is relaxed and serene atmosphere will let you wander off in the days of yore as you walk on the cobbled alleys and browse through boutique shops and retire after a day of fun at Garden Gate pub which is housed in a Victorian cottage.

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