Things to do on a Weekend in London

London, one of the finest capital cities in the world is a favourite holiday hotspot. Every year plenty of tourists come here to witness the magnificent London. It is all topped with glamour, royalty and some iconic landmarks. The itinerary of a tourist coming to the city especially for the first time surely includes breathtaking attractions and sightseeing. Also, some shopping will surely be in the list. Perhaps, the city is best known for luxury shopping brands.

Moreover, some of the best hotels here can make your stay ultra comfortable. Hyde park accommodations are the best known for offering all richness and comfort to the visitors staying with them. Stay is the first and primary thing a tourist looks for and selecting the most appropriate one is extremely important as your entire trip depends upon the same.

Do you have a limited time with you to spend in the city? If yes, then in such a case you will have to be really choosy in what all you can do here so that you carry good memories along with you. Are you here for a weekend? It is probably the best time to be in the city if you are limited days with you as weekends especially are booming with life. There are plenty of ideas for what you can do in the city on a weekend. All you have to do is plan your itinerary well.

If travelling for a limited time period some of the must visit attractions include:

Big Ben
It is a must watch. I am sure a first time traveller would surely want to catch this iconic tower in his camera. This gigantic clock tower is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster and is the most famous landmarks of the city.

Trafalgar Square
Heard the name Trafalgar Square? I am sure you must. It is a public square right in Central London which is significant landmark since the 13th century. The square is used for any sort of community gatherings. The name commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar.

Do you want to catch a glimpse of something like centuries old? For this Stonehenge is the iconic place to visit. It is located few hours outside the city; however it is worth visiting there. The place itself shall leave you speechless.

Museum of London
The museum talks about the story of the city of London from the Roman era to the current date. The most charming part about visiting some of the best museums in the city is that these allow free entry.

This clearly shows that for a weekend trip to the capital you doesn’t have to break your bank. Things are much more cheap and convenient then you can think. Apart from the museums there are plenty of other places that you can visit for free and there are lots of ways by which you can save on your accommodation too.

The Grand Hotel London Hyde Park in Paddington is one of the most convenient accommodations which tourists prefer. No matter whether you are on a family holiday or on a business trip to London this accommodation offers you all.

Westminster Abbey
Your trip to London would remain incomplete without catching a glimpse of the most gothic the most religious building of the UK. It is a traditional place of Coronation and a burial site for the later British monarchs.

Walking Tours in London
London is not only a tourist friendly, but a foot friendly city too. Dedicated paths are there are walkers, so one can conveniently walk on those without facing any traffic hassle. London cannot be seen much beautifully then by walking. Out on your comfortable walking shoes and explore the city like never before. Walking tours are available which starts from one major attraction and ends on another must see one.

These tours are informative followed by a knowledgeable guide. This way a visitor get to witness some hidden sightseeing which are normally not known by many. It helps you to get those intricate details of the city clearly.

Lunch at Food Markets
London houses some of the best valued and sumptuous food markets. Borough market being the most common of all can help you savour the best food ever. For street food extravaganza a visit to Brixton, Camden and Brick Lane is a must. It is one of the ideal ways to spend your weekend lunch times in the city.

Renowned Art Galleries
Great afternoons can be spent at the famous art galleries. These art galleries are a one stop destination for all art lovers. It is fun to admire the works of the incredible artists from all across the globe. Some of the famous ones to visit include The National Gallery which is right behind the Trafalgar Square and the Tate Modern.

Weekend afternoons can be beautifully spent amidst the green spaces. The city is well known for plenty of parks and gardens. A relaxing afternoon at the Hyde Park is something what we all will relish. There are lot many to be named including Richmond Park too. A contrary thing that you can do is to check the London bustling market instead.

Weekends in London can go really smooth, however all things should be correctly planned and worked out.

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