Restaurants in London Serving Korean Food

London has a sizable Korean population and as such, there are many restaurants offering Korean food such as kimchi and bi bim bap basically to suit the tastes of the Koreans staying in the city although many other nationalities also enjoy such food. Some of the best Korean restaurants are mentioned below.

Bi Bim Bap: Located in Fitzrovia, this dedicated Korean restaurant serves vegetables, meat and fried eggs on a hot stone dish and the best part is that you can cook the ingredients by stirring yourself. This mixed rice Korean restaurant first opened in Soho in 2011 and the Fitzrovia branch is the second one. It has become an ideal place for a cheap and warming bowl of bibimbap. Ten varieties of the spicy rice mix served in hot stone bowls are available including beef fillet, spicy pork and five different veggie options that are topped with different shredded vegetables so that you can mix with chilli sauce and bean paste as per your taste.

KOBA: Located at Fitzrovia, this restaurant is famous for serving table top BBQ which is Korea’s most famous culinary treat. You are at liberty to switch on the grill and cook whatever you like be it a slice of meat, fish or seafood and then relish the same at leisure. Since opening in 2005, Koba has been the front-runner for Korean food in the West End and it has hardly ever disappointed any customer. It has efficient staff to cook the well marinated barbecue meals such as beef kalbi or bulgogi and grill it at the table. The barbecued squid served at the restaurant is always fresh and properly heated in vibrant red sauce. The restaurant’s stews are also wonderful as they are served with umami-rich stocks and bowls of pearly rice.

Dotori: Located at Finsbury Park, this traditional restaurant mixes Japanese and Korean food and offers wonderful, tasty finger food starters and delectable main dishes. It is situated next to Finsbury Park station and ever since its opening in 2008, it has constantly improved its reputation and popularity. Even on an early evening in the midweek, it is difficult to get a table without prior booking. However, takeaways are also offered for people who can’t get a table.

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Cah Chi: Gourmets interested in tasting something different in the field of Korean food other than the usual stew and BBQ dishes, will find that this residential restaurant in Cottenham Park offers some new favourites. Although it does offer the classics, it also offers Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake or Steak Tatare and Asian pear noodles. This residential Raynes Park restaurant is one of the best Korean restaurants in London as it offers real warmth that attracts both Eastern and Western diners. The dining room always gives a light and bright feel and a cosy environment even on a cold, dark evening. The menu offers much more than the usual dishes such as barbecued stews and stir-fries. The complimentary panch’an are better than average, with subtle own-made kimchi and sweet and nutty adzuki beans being a regular feature.

Asadal: Conveniently located in Holborn, this restaurant has a suave decor and offers fresh, zesty dishes especially its famous Seafood Hotpot or Crispy Chilli Chicken. It has been a popular restaurant serving Korean food for many years. Having a discreet entrance by the side of Holborn station, its stairs leading to the basement dining room is always full of hopeful diners queuing to get a table. However, its staff is no longer as efficient as before but it still attracts many customers.

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Yami: For tasting Chicken Galbi (a stir fry made with rice cakes and gochujang chilli paste) you will have to go to Koreatown at New Malden and you won’t regret your decision.

Seoul Bakery: If you love Korean bakery products, you have quite a choice as there are many bakeries in London where you can enjoy the famous Kimbap, a snack dish of white rice and other ingredients, rolled in gim leaves and cut into sushi-like slices.

Naru: If you wish to relish Kim Chi Jji Gae (Kimchi Soup) which is a delicious warming soup dish, ideal for this season, you have to visit Naru. The basis of this spicy, brothy soup is kimchi veg and tofu. If you are fond of meat, you can add pork or chicken. This bustling restaurant is close to the silicon roundabout and it also serves steamed buns fully stuffed with spicy marinated pork.

Kimchinary: Since Mexican and Korean food go very well together, the excellent toasted Kimchi burritos for a palette of spices and textures offered by Kimchinary are worth checking out. The restaurant also offers many veg options as well.

Jin Go Gae: Offering a contemporary twist to classic dishes, this famous restaurant in New Malden is a bit expensive. It is also well-known for its Gejang which is raw crab in chilli sauce.

The Old Justice: For fast Korean food, this Bermondsey boozer is excellent as it offers cheap, authentic and delicious dishes such as spicy chicken, although it has a cold exterior.

Bibigo: This West End eatery and bar offers healthy food prepared from fresh ingredients.

Busan BBQ: Serving spicy pork belly bun and other tasty treats from its mobile shop on wheels, this joint is also famous for its “AmeriKorean” dream. The food trucks can be found at its stops at Hackney, Kingston and The City.

Hurwundek: At this hip restaurant on Cambridge Heath Road, you can enjoy coffee and food along with an affordable dinner menu and to top it all, you can also avail of a haircut.

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