Stay safe while you go to Britain

When you go for a tour it is necessary for you to ensure you have a safe trip. This is a great place to visit no matter what is the duration of your tour. You need to take proper care and keep some safety tips in mind while you travel. These tips can be very useful for you.

Underground is the safest mode of transport. As the underground is crowded all the time, you need to be very careful. You need not carry valuables or jewellery while you travel through the tubes. While you travel through the tubes you need to make it sure than you take care of your luggage. You should never keep money in the back pocket. Big issue seller is a famous magazine of the city and you will see people selling it everywhere in the city. You should make it sure that you take the magazines from the registered sellers only.  If you are from such a city that does not have a great nightlife and if you go out at the night in UK then that can be little shocking to the local public. While you go out in the night you should stay way form the drunkards. You should take special care of your kids while you travel in UK. You should never leave them alone at the public places.

In case you’re from an English-talking nation, no visa is required for the UK, and guests can stay up to six months. In case you’re not certain in the event that you require a visa, check here. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that your travel permit lapse date MUST be after the date of your proposed return on the off chance that you are a U.S. native. Continuously check the most recent controls before you set out just no doubt. Numerous nations are moving over to the stricter prerequisite of your visa being useful for no less than six months after take-off, so it’s best to dependably guarantee your international ID is breakthrough.

While tipping in hotel or restaurants you should be very careful. Even if you do not give a tip then that can be ok. If you are forced to give a tip then you can report it to the management .If you want to do some adventure outdoors then there are many places waiting for you like the Ben Nevis in Scotland or the well-known Purbeck Hills. If you are doing the rock climbing then you need to first wear the warm clothes and layer up yourselves.  Britain has very good Mountain Rescue service that will revert easily if you are stuck up in a problem.  You can take help of these services so that you can have some safety.

While you plan your trip you should ensure that the hotel you book is good and safe and also it is in a safe area.  There are many good and safe hotels in London like the premier shaftesbury kensington Hotel where you can have a safe stay. The hotel is located in a prime area. This is one of the best London hotels where you can have best services and best facilities too.  The hotel is surrounded e y many good restaurants and cafes and you can have a great time there. This is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city. You can have a safe and secured time when you are at this place.

Plan your course before you clear out. See the Transport for London site just utilize taxis or enrolled minicabs. Attempt to abstain from strolling alone during the evening. Keep to sufficiently bright primary streets. Be careful with wearing earphones – they decrease familiarity with your environment. In the UK, autos drive on the left. To guarantee you cross streets securely, just utilize assigned intersections, just cross when the green man is appearing and observe the signs specifying “look right” or “look left” to find out any impending movement. Ensure you keep your property beyond anyone’s ability to see and securely under the table. Numerous venues have cuts under the tables; use them to secure your satchel or folder case. Try not to acknowledge drinks from outsiders. Investigate your companions by telephone or content to ensure they returned home securely and the other way around.

While you move around the city pay attention to the baggage and never keep it unattended anywhere. Keep your handbag very near to your body so that it does not get stolen. You should never carry much of cash carry your ATM cards instead. If you are making use of the cashpoint, you should verify that no one is keeping a watch on the shoulder. Also keep the keypad covered so that no one can see or copy your pin. You should also take care of your tablets, mobiles, camera etc. very safely in your bag when you are not using them. You should also keep a track of your electronic serial numbers with you.

In case if your cell phone gets stolen you should immediately call the police or the service provider. You can dial 101 so that you can get on touch with the nearby police service. You should call the services provider and tell them to block the service at once. If your debit credit or ATM card gets stone then you should immediately call the bank and ask them to stop the payment and block the cards. They will do not needful and then issue you a new card.

So these are the simple tips you must keep in mind while you are travelling to London. Have a safe journey and make your trip a great one.

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