London’s Leicester Square

The West end is  one of the posh places in this area, the place is pompous , flashy and when you are staying up at the Piccadilly London West End Hotel  and you have decided to make the most of the day then you must walk into the Leicester Square. This place is surrounded the Trafalgar to its south and as you are making your way to the west the Piccadilly Circus awaits you, the north part is taking you to the China Town and the east gives you to the Covent Garden.

This is a square of celebration, come any event and you can assure yourself that you can see a crowd already gathering from every part of the country. In case those of my colleagues who are on the London west end accommodation even they cannot feel alienated, but are pulled to any event gathering or celebration happening there.

The spic, chic square of London city is the Leicester square, in case you are a fan of the red carpet people you are exactly at the right place, many of the premieres of various Hollywood films are screened at this square. In case you are planning to take a day off and leisurely loiter around the city take a moment to stay in the square the view is awesome, grab a bite at the place you think suits your mood and sipping a cup of coffee you can languishly sit and enjoy the world from your cosy spot. Spending one whole day at the square throws at you a multitude of options and there you just have to juggle through the numerous cinemas and casinos, the area is lined up with restaurants , cafes serving you the cuisines you can never think of heard of. Even the pubs and bars are fancy this might even light up your day as you proceed to enjoy a drink.

In case you are going for an afternoon meeting keep some time to enjoy the afternoon tea at either the Fortnum or Mason and if you are gutsy trying the Ritz they surely won’t disappoint you. The M&M’s café is not worth missing, as you drop by with your family tugging along enjoy the cafeteria inside serves you some piping hot dishes, you might even try your luck in the casinos and last not the least sit at the bar while a hand crafted cocktail makes its way to your table , then sit and enjoy the feel of  the London city.

Drawn by the bond movies welcome to the Lola’s underground café, a dreamy world where you see the dancers performing in tiger cage and blackjack tables. As you get seated the performance happens next to the table and you can feel the scene back and forth in your mind’s eye as you enjoy the performances. This place also has a casino, but just to enhance the experience while the people are betting at the tables in the meanwhile they can enjoy the performances too.

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