East London Culinary Treats

Visiting London offers true diversity of experience…

There’s nothing like getting away from it all allowing you the most eclectic and fantastic experience, with a host of brilliant things to see and do, with a multitude of amazing experiences all just waiting for you to enjoy. This brilliant city offers a little something special for absolutely everyone, no matter what you’re interested in. If you’re looking to enjoy the cultural side of the city or if you’re looking to make the most of the city’s fascinating history and interesting heritage – this is something you can get thoroughly stuck in to.

There are a host of brilliant things you need to do and some sights that are veritable must-sees. London boasts lots of different areas and plenty of different locations with their own idiosyncratic atmosphere, character and charm. No matter what you’re looking to enjoy, you’ll find the perfect area for your next getaway.

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East London

East London  is made up of the London boroughs of Hackney, Shoredtich and Dalston and has a reputation for being one of London’s most diverse, interesting and trendy areas. East London is a hipster haven and boasts so much to do.

London is well known for its rich cultural diversity and on account of the rich history of East London there is a real sense of cultural diversity giving the city its unique and thriving charm. If you’re looking to soak up the “real” London, then this is the place for you.

If you’re something of a foodie then this is absolutely the area of London you need to visit, as this brilliant city allows you the chance to sample some of the delicious typical foods you find in this stunning and ethnically diverse community.

Best Foods

A decent bagel is a completely necessary thing to eat in London and the best place to experience a classic London bagel is The Beigel Bake.  This brilliant eatery makes over 7,000 bagels every day.

A bacon butty is a true British classic and is an essential breakfast at least once during your trip to the city. The brilliant St John’s in Spitalfields serves bacon sandwiches every day with delicious crusty bread and salty fresh bacon.

A curry is a delicious must-have during your trip to London and one on Brick Lane – arguably one of London’s most famous streets – is the place to go. Visit the roundly amazing Aladin Restaurant.

And if you’re looking for a hotel that serves great food sample one of the amazing hotels near Baker Street London.

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