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The Riverside Location of Pimlico

You may have heard about the Pimlico Riverside Location in London. This is the unheralded neighbourhood on the banks of River Thames and the grand style of the place is just unforgettable. In fact, the view of Thames makes the place all so special. You will find innumerable visitors sitting at the bank of the [...]

Interesting reasons which make London attractive to Nigerians

London is one of the most attractive cities in the world to live with people from different parts of the world moving to work and live in this city. While cities like New York and Berlin may earn the label of being cool, as per a survey it was seen that 1 in 6 individuals [...]

Some of the many benefits of visiting a spa

London offers the best in terms of tourist attractions, entertainment and shopping among a lot of other activities. A little known fact is that it is also home to some of the best spa treatment centres in the country. While it may not have any natural spas resorts in the city, it certainly makes up [...]

Best food spots in London to cure a hangover

London is a fun city to explore and comes to second to none in terms of tourist attractions, shopping entertainment and cultural extravaganza. It is this combination of factors that make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. If you plan a holiday this summer then London is the city to [...]

Exploring the Remains of Roman London

People used to stay in the area along the Thames even before the 1st century but it was only after the Romans came to Britain in 43 A.D. that a proper settlement was established by them, called Londonium. However, this settlement was destroyed as a result of the battle in 61 A.D. and the Romans [...]

Exploring London On The Trail Of Secret Seven

If you are worried that your weekend in London is going to be same old one then, you would like to change your thought. London is the city full of surprises, and you might want to explore some intriguing points and to make your weekend turn out to be exciting and thrilling. You must keep [...]

Navigating Options Around London During Tube Underground Strikes

In London, Underground Tube is the major transportation access which is used by thousands of Londoners every day to reach work in time and visit places. Underground Tube has a network all around the city and forms the basis of transportation options for many people. Thus, there is no denying the fact that one day [...]

Best Literary Spots in London

London has a rich cultural heritage and a glorious history in several fields of life. Whereas England has won many wars and has colonised nearly half the world at one time, it has also a great and glorious literary history having produced literary luminaries such as William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, John Keats, Shelley, Tennyson, Dylan [...]

Two Idyllic Spots For Afternoon Tea in London

There’s nothing like making the most of a little bit of a weekend away and there’s nowhere that offers quite such as a quintessentially enjoyable getaway as the wonderful city of London. A truly ideal spot for your next swift stay or getaway. Staying Offering a world of great things to do and some amazing [...]

Experiencing The Best Place For Afternoon Tea In London

As London’s rich cultural tradition is popular worldwide, there are also many traditions that you will like to be a part of during your stay in London. One of the traditions is the afternoon tea that was invented by Anna Russell who was a Duchess of Bedford. There are many places to experience this traditional [...]