Tips for a Great Weekend in London

When a person has a thought about london, there is quite likely to be a range of ideas which he or she faces. One of these many thoughts is likely to be a thought with respect to how much fun a visit to the city can be. If this thought does not happen to cross his or her mind, it can be said to be surprising. What can also be said is that there is more than enough for a person to do if he or she is in search of a little bit of weekend fun in London.

To start with, there is, of course, the ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide. While it can be said that when it was opened to the public, it did not have the good fortune of being a recipient of mass public appeal, the structure, which is the tallest in the entire country happens to be a great place to go to in order to have some thrills. To provide a little more regarding the slide in terms of details, it was opened around the time that London was the host city for the Olympic Games, which was in 2012. Since then, the structure which is about a hundred and seventy eight metres in height. It circles the tower it twelve times and provides the person who is going down the slide with a great experience, in the process.

As for the costs of this thrill, if a person has a fair idea of his or her schedule while he or she is in london, it is recommended to him or her that he or she should book a ticket for the Orbit Slide in advance as it would set him or her back by about 15 pounds to do so. If he or she decides to go on the slide on a whim i.e. without booking a ticket for himself or herself, it would cost him or her 17 pounds for the same.

Regent Street is a great place to visit when a person is paying a visit to London. There can be said to be even more of a reason to do so, apart from the normal attractions, when a person takes into account the fact that there is the Transported by Design Festival which would be taking place. The organiser of the same happens to be Transport for London, which is also known as TfL and is also known to be the organiser of multiple forms of transportation which a visitor to the city is likely to make use of to get from one place to another over the course of a visit to it.

There is no cost of entry to witness what the festival has to offer. The proposition of value the show is likely to provide a person with can be said to be enhanced by the way of clearly understanding what is on offer. There are vehicles which have long been out of use, which were made use of for the obvious purpose of transportation, back in the day, which are just waiting to be seen, it could be said.

Making the right choice when it comes to a place to stay at while in London is crucial, to say the very least. The last thing a visitor to the city wishes to become aware of is that he or she booked a room for himself or herself at the wrong hotel. In order to avoid this, the Shaftesbury Suites London Marble Arch is good as the hotel is one of a very high quality level. Another hotel worth taking into account is The Metropolis London Hyde park which is a good hotel for a lot more than just its location.

The place known as Ministry of Sound is quite well known in London. While almost all the people who are visitors here happen to be adults, there is a prospect which a fun loving parent is likely to appreciate. There is a rave called Rave a Roo, which is to be held which can be said to be one of the child friendly variety. While this may not seem to make much sense, at first, as it would not for most people who are coming across it for the first time, it is surely an interesting idea. There are two slots of a couple of hours each; one starting at noon and the other at three. There is cake, tea and a great amount of neon craft, along with a UV tattoo station.

General admission for the same would cost twelve and a half pounds while those party goers who are aged younger than eighteen months of age would not have to pay a dime for the purpose of entry into Ministry of Sound.


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