Summer Shopping in London

When a person is paying a visit to London, it can be understood perfectly if he or she does not think that there is time on his or her schedule to go to see some other sights in the city. However, it must be said that there is no way at all that he or she should leave the city and depart without having been to some of the summer markets, which are just waiting for people from different areas to visit them.

One of the most popular markets happens to be the Borough Market. It can be said that this market is quite accessible as it is located about a five minute walk away from the London Bridge Tube Station. It is also known by many to be one of the oldest markets in all of the city as it has been operating since the early years of the 11th century.

The market is across the River Thames from the Tower of London and can be said to be a great to do list item which a person can combine with visiting the historic tower. The address of the market itself is 8, Southwark Street, London. When a person who is interested by the prospect of paying a visit to the market does so, it is very important for him or her to keep in mind the fact that the market is not open all the days of the week. As a matter of fact, it is shut on Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as on Sundays.

When a person happens to be planning a visit to be made to London, it can be said that the hotel at which he or she makes the choice of booking a room is something which is to be considered to be important. A Barbican Hotel is well worth taking a look at for the great advantage it has over a lot of other hotels in London by the way of its good location. While the options he or she has may be many, Park Grand London Hyde Park is a hotel which is very popular with a range of people who visit London on a yearly basis.

Another market which is well worth a visit happens to be Greenwich Market. This market is not located far away at all from the Greenwich Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum so it can be said that a visitor to London who is of the mind to kill multiple birds with a stone can go right ahead and combine the trips he or she would have normally made and instead, make just a single trip to Greenwich so as to be able to enjoy all these attractions. As for the market itself, while the original fare that was available for the purpose of purchase was mostly groceries as well as dairy products such as milk, eggs and their ilk, over time, the availability of craft items has increased, which is one of the many things which makes paying a visit to the market just so worth it.

If a person plans to get to the market by making use of the train, the Greenwich station is not far away at all, as it is located at a distance which can be covered in only about three minutes’ worth of walking. However, if he or she does not wish to walk this much of a distance, there is another station which is located much closer, at least in a relative sense. This station is the Cutty Sark station and the walk should not take a person who has got off at this station for than a minute or so.

While it may seem that there are just too many summer markets that are to be visited in London, it can be said that making the time to sample as many of them as is possible for the visitor to the city is something which is surely worth it.

If a visitor to the city happens to head to Brick Lane, and to be more specific, the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, he or she will be heading to a weekend market which is quite well known as the Backyard Market. This is a market which is open on Saturday between 11 in the morning and 6 in the evening and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday. There is quite a bit of art which is available for the purpose of buying out here. It would be great for a visitor to the city to take back a souvenir or two with him or her and there could be few better places in all of London to make a purchase than at the Backyard Market.

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