Enjoy the ride of your life with London Eye

London city is a true beauty which is well enriched with a plethora of surprising attributes. This popular metropolitan city is remarkably known throughout the globe for being a city that never falls asleep. London, well known as the city of dreams is globally recognized for its buzzing nightlife. You are surely going to have a fun-filled time ahead. London offers its visitors with heritage architecture, contemporary forms of artistic impression and a picturesque beauty of the surrounding aura. You are surely going to enjoy every bit of your time in the city of London while coming over here for holiday purposes.

There is something for each and every vacationer in the British capital. No matter what your heart desires to see and explore in the city of London, you are surely going to get your desires fulfilled here.

In order to ensure that you have explored each and every tourist hotspot in London city, you must consider checking out all the travel attractions beforehand which you are willing to witness once there. There are plenty of things that require your attention. It is not possible for a person to cover each and every sight within a short stipulated time period. If you have been planning for a week’s visit to the British capital then you can always consider planning your itinerary well in advance. This will further offer you with an edge to see and witness every brilliant aspect which surrounds the empirical beauty of the city of London.

London city is filled with classical monuments, wonderful array of museums, art galleries and parklands, theaters and many other travel worthy attractions. Out of all the enticing aspects in London, you must consider checking out the London Eye. It is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant architectural instances which makes this city as much attractive as desired. London fascinates the vacationers and so does the London Eye. With its glorious charm and stupendously majestic wheel of excitement, the London Eye is sure to please you thoroughly throughout the trip.

While here, try to get a ride on the ever so fascinating London Eye. The London Eye is popular throughout the world for being one of the giant Ferris Wheels which gives you the ride of your life.

London Eye can be found to be positioned on the South Bank. As you look ahead to take a leisurely stroll along the river banks of Thames, you will get to see the London Eye standing tall amidst the largest landmarks in the city.

Also known as the millennium wheel, London Eye is popular for being one of the tallest observation wheels. While at the top of the Eye which is approximately one hundred and thirty five meters high, a person can get the opportunity to enjoy panoramic overviews of the entire London city.

If the intentions of seeing the whoel of London at once have always entered your mind then get on London Eye without wasting time and look ahead to accomplish your yearning desires. You can literally enjoy the ‘on the top of the world’ feeling while riding the Eye.

It is surely one of the largest of its kind and has the provision to carry around eight hundred passengers at a time which is pretty marvelous. It has thirty two passenger pods. Each one of the capsules is air conditioned and has been sealed properly. Each capsule can carry 25 people approximately.  It takes 30 minutes for the wheel to complete one rotation. The speed is slow enough for the willing boarders to get on and off the capsule pods without the wheel having to stop and interrupt its service even for a micro second. It is only in case of the elderly visitors and disabled persons that the Eye halts completely. This thirty minute sight-seeing journey is definitely going to make your vacation as much captivating as you have always expected.

London Eye is often considered to be a remarkably wonderful architectural marvel. It lets you ponder both your eyes and attention upon the greatest of all the city landmarks in London.

By means of choosing to stay at none other than one of the Park Grand London hotels, it will become possible for you to easily make your way to the magnificent London Eye. This Ferris wheel is one of the most top paid attractions in London city. The view that this giant wheel has to offer its vacationers with is something that nobody can ever forget.

If you have been keener on planning a perfect London evening with your soul mate you can consider giving an eye alluring treat to the person by riding on London Eye. Get yourself a private capsule and book for a romantic ride where you will get plenty of chocolates and champagne on the ride. Those 30 minutes are going to be something that you will ever forget in your life. The Eye offers cupid capsules to those who are willing to enjoy the ride with their loved ones. There is plenty of room to cuddle up and romance.

Staying at Park Grand Lancaster Gate is further going to make your trip to London an interesting one. It is definitely all about how majestically you can plan and enjoy your trip.

The London Eye is said to be attracting the attention of more than 3.5 million visitors on a yearly basis. The tickets for the rude are based on the kind of capsules you are willing to hop on. Travelers can surely walk around inside the capsule and admire the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings.

A night ride on the London Eye is definitely going to be an outstanding one. The overview of London city will comprise of the Tate Gallery, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, The National Portrait Gallery, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and the British Museum among many significant others.


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