Discovering Beautiful Central London

Summers are beautiful and opens up new arenas while some would want to indulge in sunbathing, the parents might plan a picnic with their toddlers. The similar way winters pave the way for brisk and refreshing walks in the London’s Parks. These parks are not only beautiful, but also a perfect place for relaxation and one can pursue some other activities like sports, festivals, open air theatres with live music concerts also the kids too can enjoy adventure sports. London city is home to some of the amazing parks.

Hyde Park

The beauty of the park is so mesmerising that you are in the heart of the city and you do not realise that with an area covering close to 350 acres and plantation of 4000 plus trees this place is so refreshing. To add to that it has a large lake which always lets you into a reflective mood and the wide span of meadows is very pleasant to the eyes, the ornamental garden laden with flowers seems like the park has been embellished with ornaments. The moment you are in the park you know the place has a special meaning for the kind of crowd gathering there; it has innumerable offerings for each one of them. Summers are those hot months that make you want to go for swimming and what better way that to swim in this beautiful park with a scenic landscape, there is a provision for boating, and a path dedicated only to the cyclists the skating ring is another arena that sees the maximum crowd as young people flock the place to pursue their passion or to learn their new toy. The place has taken care of the pitches for the team games like tennis, the tracks for horse riding have been maintained well with children’s playground. There is a provision to take a snack break as the Park has two beautiful lakeside restaurants that bring to the table from early morning breakfast to the last course of meal that is the dinner, this park is home to The Serpentine building, Archiles statue and the Diana Memorial Foundation, they take pride in the open air events that are organised throughout the year and people staying at The Metropolis London Hyde Park have got the privilege to win concert passes.

Crystal Palace Park

South of London opens up a marvellous option of the Crystal Park during the 18th century till the beginning of 19th century the park had a glass exhibition site which was at the top most point of the park.There are models of full size dinosaurs, which has been at display were built by the Victorian designers that give the eeriest feeling by placing them between the trees, the museum at the Park gives you plethora of information about dinosaurs. The place houses the National sports centre one of the prides of the London city along with that children have a farm all to themselves with a huge playground, there is a maze staged there and a podium for staging the outdoor concerts for the city locals. The greenery around is attractive for the morning walkers, joggers and athletes to take a run around breathing in the fresh air. There is a lake that the place boasts of and a home to variety of water birds that are reared by the locals there.

Greenwich Park

Greenwich is what we have been learning all our lives this Park is the oldest of all the enclosed Royals with a 183 acres of area thrown open to the public. This place is natural to the wildlife with deer breeding in here and people come in here to have a look at it. The picturesque scenery from the hill, top of the park is exquisite as you look down at the sweeping views across the Thames and the whole of Central London.This has been awarded as the World Heritage sites as the site hosts the Prime Meridian Line and one of the oldest Observatories the Royal Observatory which happens to be located near the National Maritime museum.The place has stages many concerts and they have their very own bandstands that are party to the concerts hosted here. They have an eye for detail as they have accesses made easy for the differently abled and the three cafes have a different story to tell, the afternoon tea tradition can be there at the Tea Pavilion which has some beautiful sprawling lawns and garden area. Nearby the national maritime museum there is this St Mary’s gate café that serves piping hot snacks that are the real delights during warm summer afternoons. The sausages cannot be forgotten which are served by the Honest Sausage café near the Royal Observatory. The team games like tennis and crickets are also being played here with grounds and pitched well maintained for the teams. At one time the under the Hotel Rewards Programs which is run by the various hotels of London the travellers could avail discounts here while visiting the site.

Battersea Park

The riverside walk has a scenic breath taking beauty and it opens up the way to the Battersea Park a children’s zoo, the zoo welcomes the family brigade to watch and meet the monkeys, lemurs, otters and they have the farm animals in the farmyards for the children. There is another section for the birds that have the aviaries filled with a variety of birds from faraway places. This experience to the family and children is unique and also helps the toddlers in their learning too; there is café and a gifting shop for the children to carry away with them the souvenirs.

Hampstead Heath

The heart of the city the Trafalgar square just four miles away stands the Hampstead health one of the greenest places. Though it is closer to the busiest part of the city, but still it has the best views and the highest points. The place is home to Parliament hill, an open air Lido, swimming ponds in the wilderness for the ladies alone and for the boys alone and one for the mixed group shared by the men and the women. The area is covered by countless sports pitches and facilities like the athletics track,playgrounds. The place boasts of the vast expanse of the grasslands and ancient woodlands that look beautiful to the onlookers and the people who visit.

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