The trick to be at Gatwick Airport

One of the major places that every traveller spends most of their time on a trip is the airport. It is the first step of every travel journey. You get to see the airport and you also need to know what the several hacks to reach the airport in time are. You might be a traveller or maybe a normal person who is travelling for the intention of taking a break from all the things that are happening in his or her life. You can be a solo traveller and you can also be a person travelling with the family but if there is one place you have to choose to visit the next time you get a break then it surely has to be a place which has everything into one. By everything it is meant that the place should have the art, culture and also be a place worth a visit. The only place in the whole world which checks all the boxes in the time is London. London is known to be a place which is artistically and culturally rich as well as known to be a place which is famous for the music, food and the history that it has. One very important place that London boasts of having is the Gatwick Airport.

Also known as the world’s busiest single runway airport, London Gatwick is situated of approximate a 30 minute distance from London and it also boasts to be serving more than 200 destinations and that too in more than 90 countries which also are more than any other UK airport. You would also know that many people choose to fly in and fly out of the London airport because the airlines give a lot of discounts on the tickets and the prices are very less than the Heathrow Airport (which is essentially the biggest and the busiest airport of London).

There are many tips and tricks that can be given to any person who is travelling in or out of the Gatwick airport. To begin with, any person who is to arrive at the London Gatwick airport has to go through many stages of Passport control. The time that is taken to clear that check post ranges from 5 minutes to the minimum side to an approximate of 1 hour in the maximum side. This whole range of time depends on the number of passengers that are there who are travelling. You would see that the queue is well maintained and there are separate queues which are meant for different nationals. The European Union or the EU gets a different queue whereas the European Economic Area or the EEA gets a different one. Similarly, the British National gets a different queue and the Swiss Nationals get another, while all the other nationalities gets a different queue altogether.

If you are travelling to International Connections then you would not need to clear any kind of passport control or any kind of customs control but if you are travelling international to United Kingdom and Ireland connections then you would need to essentially clear the passport control and the customers. You can also make the most of the ePassport gates which are there at the London Gatwick if you have chipped EU passport.

For the traveller who is travelling to London, the first thing that is there in the mind is the place to stay. You always need a good place to stay if you are travelling to a particular place. The hotel that is to be chosen by you goes through a lot of check marks before you choose it. One of the major hotels that you can go for whenever you are in London and you would want to stay is The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel. This hotel checks every box that you have. It is close to the Gatwick airport and it is also well connected to the whole city. You would get the best of what the whole city provides from the hotel. Say for instance you have just arrived at the airport and you check in to the hotel and it is too late or probably you are too tired to go out and get yourself something to eat. In that case, you can be sure that you would get lip smacking food at the hotel because the hotel has a wonderful restaurant. All this can be achieved at very low costs as the London hotels special offers are there to look after the money that you spend on getting a room at the hotel.

If you are departing from the Gatwick airport, then you should know that there are 2 terminals that are there. The 2 terminals are the north terminal and the south terminal respectively. You might be unsure of which terminal is your terminal but for that you have a “Which Terminal” option at the airport which would solve your query. The transferring between the two terminals on any given day is very easy and free. It also takes place operates 24 hours a day. The time that it takes is less than a few minutes. The luggage that you are allowed to carry is just one piece of hand luggage which must not exceed the restrictions. You need to make sure that you have checked with your airlines what the maximum allowance is.

As more tips you need to make sure that you have your boarding card ready for the inspection. The passport is not required at the security. Do not forget to keep all your toiletry items in one transparent and re sealable plastic bag which the security staff can examine and x ray separately. You need also to make sure that the plastic bag that contains the liquids that you are carrying is in your hand itself. You need to open your coats, jackets along with your laptops and the tablets which you have to take out of your luggage to be X-Ray separately.

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