Great Christmas Pudding Race Filled with Fun

The Great Christmas Pudding Race is an annual event organized sometime in December in aid of cancer research. The race involving a balancing act was first held in 1980 and is held in Covent Garden Piazza. This is a fun-filled race where contestants of every age could take part. The race begins around 11 in the morning and carries on till late in the afternoon.

Participants in this race attired in fancy dresses are required to race around Covent Garden Piazza while balancing a Christmas pudding on a plate. A series of obstacles must be negotiated or removed during the race. The greater the number of obstacles the greater is the fun involved in this game. This is not an individual event, but a team endeavour where every single member must put in the best efforts. Each team consists of six members.

This is not just a race for fun, but race for a cause. This event triggers a lot of enthusiasm among people of all ages as it is for a noble cause. In this team event, each member or a group of members is to negotiate an obstacle and complete a race. The time required to finish the race is noted. The team with the least cumulative timing wins the race. The dresses are colourful and weird, the obstacles are crazy, and the entire ambience is full of unadulterated fun. The participation of members is sincere as the objective is noble, and the entire spectacle is mirthful.

The Organizers

CRAC is the organizer of this race in aid of Cancer Research UK. This event is supported by Fox’s and Covent Garden Market.

The objective

The objective of the Great Christmas Pudding Race is to raise awareness about cancer and help in its research.

The Outfits

The enthusiasm of participating teams is something to marvel at. Teams have their own dresses which are mostly inspired by comic characters. Members of a team would be dresses as Scooby Doo, Mickey, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Black Widow. The greater the number of teams the more is the variety of attires. Dresses are usually bulky and warm to keep out the December chill.  The bulkier an attire the funnier is the appearance. As fun is the underlining word of this race in Coventry, the funniest dress gets the greatest applauds.

The obstacles

The race involves carrying a Christmas pudding on a plate all along the course of a race. Points are deducted every time this pudding falls. Points are scored on the basis of obstacles overcome or removed. Keeping in spirit of the game, the obstacles are actually very funny. Along your racing course there could be flour filled balloon that are needed to be burst. With every burst you are certain to get totally smeared in this powdery material. Just imagine Scooby Doo totally covered in flour.

Could you imagine Mickey negotiating a gigantic flying slalom made from foam! Inflatable giant slides are difficult to negotiate with pudding in your hand. It is very likely that you lose the maximum points during this slide.


The team making the least mistakes and completing the race in shortest possible time wins the race.

Covent Garden attractions

Covent Garden Piazza – Covent Garden Piazza has a distinct medieval charm with cobble stone square and traffic-free streets. All through the day there are performers to entertain you free of cost. The Market Building in this Garden area is famous for its craft stalls and big retailers. Food stalls and eateries draw a large crowd every day.

Royal Opera House – At one corner of Covent Garden Piazza is the famed Royal Opera House. Here you could see performances of the Royal Ballet, Royal Opera, and ROH Orchestra. The velvet and gilt decorated auditorium remains full in the evenings during performances. Tickets are to be booked in advance to get a good seat.

St. Martin’s Courtyard – St. Martin’s Courtyard is a world unto itself. There are shopping centres like The White Company, Jack Wills, Barbour, and Cos. Small but renowned eateries is another of the specialties of this area.

Transport Museum – The London Transport Museum must never be missed. Every member of a family would enjoy the interactive exhibits. England’s first steam drawn tube train, and the iconic red London bus are here as top exhibits. The gift shop has an impressive collection of models, books, toys, home ware, and posters of both current and earlier generation of transport vehicles.

Seven Dials – This is an intersection of seven streets, with each street famous for a specific category of shops. One street is filled with jewellery stores, one with sweets, the third one with science-fiction items, and the fourth street with shoes.

Montcalm BarThe Montcalm Bar offers an idyllic ambience for relaxing after a hard day’s work or a hectic day of sightseeing. This place stuffed with the choicest wines and finest liquors is the place to meet old friends.

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