Book Pleasures in London

Books are a man’s best friend and when one is in a place like London it is but obvious that the feeling to settle down with a book would come quite often. The place is filled with a lot of book stuff to do and whether it is a book shop or a store, one surely would not go back empty-handed. People can actually spend a whole weekend in a book shop or an exhibition or just thinking of books. Let us see the places where London would have the best books.

The Beatrix Potter Blue Plaque in London
London does not have any shortage of books and this is a must for all literature lovers. This is a place where one gets a collection of literature based books.

Daunt Books
This is on Marylebone High Street and has its own ways of making things work in tours to London. The balconies here are fascinating as they look over around two floors of books. These are indeed inspirational as well as enjoyable. For those who live in places like the London Premier Kensington hotels this is a great experience.

This is perhaps one of the oldes as well as the largest book shops in the city. There are thousands of books here of all kinds of subjects and these have their own way of having a fascinating experience for the masses. The tourists love the ambience and the absolutely wonderful environment for all.

Cecil Court
This is yet another place where books really function well. It is right in the middle of the city and is next to Leicester Square. It is a lovely pedestrianized alley and is bordered on either side by the most antique books. These are all those which are hard to find editions and thus come in the rare books category. It is indeed a great place to get those special things which are the best for those who love books.

The London Libraries
The London libraries are famous for being one of the best influences in a person’s life here and any visitor may well avail of them and get the best pleasures in these book joints. These libraries hold a lot of magic and are popular for their collections and amazing ambience.

The British Library
A very famous book haunt it is sleek and modern and has most of the architectural interests. It is also famous for the shelves as they are deep and accommodative. It organizes many exhibitions and has had a recent one on the Magna Carta in memory of the 800th anniversary.

The Wellcome Collection’s Library
This is a popular and exciting place but may not be really well known. However for those who love books, the places are just a need of interest and they are discovered instantly. It has a beautiful reading room which allows one to enjoy the pleasures of being part of the book reading fraternity.

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