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Live the Luxurious Life in London

The Royal Academy of Arts is a great place to check out some art work of very high quality and this is good first place to go to in the morning. This beautiful place is located in the Annenberg Courtyard which is not far from the iconic Trafalgar Square, which celebrates the brvery of Lord [...]

London’s 2016 Spring Summer Collection is Up for Grabs!

Burberry Porum is the best trend over There are a lot of hotels in London to stay but there are few hotels which stay as the best among them. So, one among them is the Montcalm hotel in London. It was the show that got everybody talking, raincoat Porum. Patron saint Bailey took raincoat Porum [...]

Thing only Londoners can Understand about the City

London is a city which can be said to be truly amazing in every respect. It is to be noted, however, that some of what is depicted of the city is not what it is actually like but rather, it is what is cultivated to suit the expectations of the hordes of people who pay [...]

Great Christmas Pudding Race Filled with Fun

The Great Christmas Pudding Race is an annual event organized sometime in December in aid of cancer research. The race involving a balancing act was first held in 1980 and is held in Covent Garden Piazza. This is a fun-filled race where contestants of every age could take part. The race begins around 11 in [...]

Lesser Known Museums Of London

If you wish to visit a place which has the perfect blend of history along with contemporary attractions and offers the most varied choice when it comes to enjoying a vacation, there is simply no place better than London. The English capital is a beauty in itself. There are plenty of attributes which got associated [...]

Enjoy the beauty of Hyde Park

There is a saying that says that if you would want to judge any place then along with the fact that you should visit the art, culture and history of the place, you need to see how beautifully their gardens are maintained. London, as you all know is a place which is famous for its [...]

Why is London The Place to Visit?

This is a question that many people ask; what is so special about London? Why should I go and explore it? Well, the answer is simple, not only is it something to tick off your bucket list, it is a city that is so diverse that it appears to adapt itself to your tastes and [...]

A Cathedral in London for the Greek Community

Saint Sophia Cathedral is located on Moscow Road in the Bayswater area of London. This Greek Orthodox Church hosts a Greek polyphonic choir, Byzantine music and an associated school besides its regular Saturday and Sunday services. The school enables its pupils to become aware of the history and language of Greece and learn Greek dancing. The cathedral [...]

The insider’s guide to London’s Notting Hill

Notting hill is one of the most popular areas in London. It is both culturally enriching and hosts the world’s second biggest carnival after Rio’s Mardi Gras. It is the primary tube station in the area .Another major attraction close to the Notting Hill is the Portobello Road filled with pubs and restaurants. It is [...]

Guide to Free Museums aroundthe UK

The United Kingdom is an amazing area to visit over the course of a holiday. At the same time it can be said that there are few better ways to get to know about the heritage of a place than by the way of visiting some of the museums which are located there. One of [...]