The Top Things to Do in London Stay

London is surely a place where one gets the best ways of enjoying the best experiences in the city

Come to the beautiful city of London and take back a wonderful blend of tour and travel delights. This is the place to be in and this is the way one could enjoy the tours in this part of the world. Truly London is a great place to be in and provides one with reason to come back for more. It is a good idea to stay in a hotel in London and then embark upon the places of visit here.

The Tower of London

This is a very important landmark in London tours and gives one every reason to come back for more. This is a popular tourist attraction and visitors can take the benefit of enjoying the entertaining tours which are provided by Yeomen Warders. One can enjoy their tales and tragedies of a royal place like London. The Crown Jewels and the other exhibitions are surely a force to reckon with in tours here.

The Thames River Cruise delights

This is yet another way of enjoying the travels to this part of the world and as one enjoys the unique ways of being a part of the city, the simple river charms and the amazing iconic landmarks make way for some memorable experiences here. The Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the O2 and the London Eye are all true examples of beautiful London sights. Whether it is at Westminster or at Greenwich the simply beautiful visual delights take one’s breath away.

The Westminster Abbey

This is yet another stunning piece of architecture here which is indeed a rightful example of a UNESCO World Heritage site which is right behind the Houses of Parliament. There are many famous names which are part of the History of the Abbey and this is one of the main royal attractions in tours here. The church is the place where Kate and William got married in the year 2011 and this is surely a great landmark in London visits.

The Windsor Castle

This is again a lovely way of enjoying the tours here and this is in fact famous for being one of the oldest occupied castles in the whole world. This is also the official residence of the Queen here and she incidentally uses it as a weekend place. This has more than 900 years of rich royal history to boast of. Visitors coming here can see the amazing State Apartments which truly make way for the best in terms of visual delights here.

The Hampton Court Palace

This is certainly one of the most loved places to visit in the city of London and was initially the home of King Henry VIII. The building with its huge expanse and the impressive constructions is indeed a stunning representation of amazing history which is the reason people love to come here and take back a royal charm.

The Tower Bridge

This is the popular bascule bridge and goes back to the time of 1894 when there was a symbolic industrial development which led to the expansion of urban London. Today there is a permanent exhibition here which shows the history of the bridge and also comes with a new Glass Walkway which opened for all in the year 2014. Visitors thus get a unique and special view over the river which also enables one to see the pedestrians below.

Lady Diana’s Childhood Home

This is another attraction which never ceases to intrigue the visitor. Kensington Palace is indeed a magnificent structure with its innate ability to reside in the heart of the city of London. It promises to have many exhibitions which go into the deep monarchy that prevailed in the country. From Fashion Rules to Victoria Revealed the tour around the Kensington Palace is indeed a fascinating and memorable one.

The ZSL London Zoo

This is another attraction that should not be missed in tours around the city. If one is in London then one has to do things with the family. London Zoo is thus home to the widest range of amazing animals and also indulges in animal feeding. Butterflies in the butterfly enclosure are another attraction indeed here.

The London Bridge Experience

This is another way one enjoys the simple joys of the city. Visit the London Bridge and take back an experience from the realms of the underworld of the historic city. This is the place where the most crimes and killings have happened and one visit to the Tombs would only test your courage here.

The Shakespeare Globe Theatre

This is a great reconstruction of the initial 16th century open air playhouse where Shakespeare directed his world famous play. Located on the banks of the River Thames this is surely one of the most iconic buildings and is a must visit if one is in the city.

More about Experiences in the River Thames

The Thames River extends around 215 miles and is indeed a major landmark in the city. It flows through the city and this is one of the best ways one could explore the entire city in its own way. This winds its way through the city and then takes one on a fascinating boat ride in the city. One of the best ways one could experience the pleasures of a wonderful place is through this Thames experience.

The River Cruise

The Thames River Cruise is one of the most interesting and fascinating sights which bring back a royal charm. There are unparalleled views of the city and the four hops on and hop off points ensure that one is able to travel the length of the river in its own way. The boat trips are there all the year round and people really being fond of such tours, they form a major part of the stays here.

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