The Pleasures of Bars and Restaurants in London

The city of London has some of the best bars and restaurants in London which make way for the best in terms of experiences.

The city of London has some of the best ways to enjoy the bars and restaurants in and around the place. They are very popular and also make way for some interesting conveniences. Let us see some of the best bars in the city of London.


The pleasures of Hoxton lie in its popularity and as one may not actually get a ready table here it is not possible to find space here. Yet people come here for the simple delights and enjoy the pleasures right here in this part of the world. There is a basement room here which really has all the punters who are all involved in a lively and unbelievable cocktail experience. The staff here usually goes out of the way and ensures people are happy. There are some drinks which are on the list since the time the bar opened. They are not only innovative but also sensible and are based on the exact cocktail fundamentals. The décor here is not much and the candle lights on the tables only ensure one would love the overall experience. This is surely one of the best bars in London and really gives a memorable feel.

The Experimental Cocktail Club

This is another place where one would find very intriguing and unusual and makes up the best of Chinatown experiences. This is a place where one would come and be totally surprised over the overall ambience. The bar has an unassumingbattered door which is the mainstay of the place. Then there are trendy groups and dating couples who are really absorbed in a kind of chatter that is typical to the place. The drinks are not very experimental and they come in test tubes. They are outstanding and make way for some of the best drinking experiences here. Then there are some brick walls and also some mirrored walls which along with the glass cut tumblers surely give a memorable experience. There is a kind of opulence here which is unmistakable.

The Charm of Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

The best of Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town pleasures are found right here in the secret speakeasy bar and this is very popular for its basement bar. This is right below the new Breakfast Club in Spitalfields. There is a person called Henri here who ensures one gets a clandestine entrance here. If one is lucky then the covert entrance could be revealed. The entrance looks like a big door in a fridge. Thus the bar has got a speakeasy entrance touch. One is left with a not very bright cocktail bar which makes way for some exposed brick and wood. The entire place is very nostalgic and reminds one of a Twin Peaks cabin with mirror balls and moose heads. There is also retro wallpaper along with a clock which is quite unnerving with its oscillating eyes. This is also not the ideal place for going on a date as it has some unusual high stools and wooden tables which are really not very comfortable. There is no facility for a washroom and one really cannot be very open and free here. The staff here also is very casual and the drinks menu is not very formal and organized. The cocktails usually have house specials, classics and the chilli and lemongrass twist is an absolute favorite. The list of beer is very good and the wines here cost around less than fifteen pounds. These come along with sandwiches and the best kinds of delicious platters. People love to enjoy the spa in London hotels and then come back to these bars to unwind and relax.

The Cellar Door Delights

The amazing ambience and the beautiful surroundings here along with the purple lit stairs go down to the pavement level and this could in fact be tricky at times. This was earlier a Victorian loo and it makes the entire effort totally rewarding. There are special designs which make way for the best kind of experiences. The Cellar Door is not claustrophobic and one only has to adjust to the toilets well. The glass doors usually cloud over when they are locked. There are some of the best cabaret crooners as well as great drag queens and snuff parties which are the main attractions here. These give the visitor a unique experience and also give a vintage feel. Most of the shows here are free and are full of fun. The East End Cabaret is a regular feature here and then of course there are other delights like Champagne Charlie’s Tuesday night open mic experiences. Everyone likes this luxury suites London travels are famous for.

The Bishop Goodrich Delights

The best ways of enjoying the Bishop Goodrich experiences is to experience the pleasures of a traditional tavern which is made of a cramped three room bar space which is indeed a special experience here. The place is filled with a unique charm and is enclosed with a courtyard and stand up tables. One can access them all by alleyways from two separatestreets.The City has some interesting experiences which make way for nostalgic comebacks. For example one would love to choose from George Gale Seafarers and Adnams Broadside or Deuchars IPA all of which are interesting bits of travel memorabilia. The wines here like the pinot noir and Pinot Grigio Veneto are all priced around fifteen pounds and come with an old school pub fare which begins with some of the tasty sandwiches and pork pies along with scotch eggs and these kind of delicacies.

The best ways of making way for beautiful travel experiences are right here in the city of London filled with some beautiful thoughts of a wonderful land of bars and restaurants. Truly people love to come here and make way for the best tour memories.

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