Ferry Travel to London

The location of London is such that it is quite easily located from the east and the south east as well as the south coast of the country. One may be taking the ferry from continental Europe, from France and this would mean making good use of the ferry line that runs between Calais, on the coast of France and Dover; which is located not far away from Kent, in England. The amount of time taken in order to cross the English Channel is about ninety minutes or so.

It is to be noted that the Calais Dover link is not the only link that England has when it comes to finding one’s way to England by making use of a ferry. As a matter of fact, there are other routes such as the Dieppe to Newhaven route as well as other routes from other parts of France and even from Spain.


Between Coquelles, which as seems likely, is a place in France, and Folkestone the Eurotunnel is an effective way of travelling between the two countries. As a matter of fact,

For a person who is paying a visit to London, it can be said to be well worth his or her while to make some time to evaluate some of the hotels near Gloucester road as possibilities of hotels to book a room for himself or herself at for the duration of his or her trip to the capital city.

One of these hotels happens to be which is quite a good hotel; in a rather comprehensive manner. The quality of service along with the location as well as the price of booking a room for the night make sure that this hotel provides a great amount of value to the guest who makes the very good choice to stay here; as is attested to by the number of guests who choose to stay here on their subsequent visits to the city.

If a person wishes to make his or her way to England from Ireland; there are many ferries which ply the route to Liverpool. However, if he or she wishes to make his or her way to London, then he or she can go on the Dublin Holyhead route. It is to be noted that along with the normal ferries, there are high speed boats which also ply, which can be made use of if a person does not wish to use up too much time for the purpose of transit.

If a person who has the intention to pay a visit to London and enjoy himself or herself and happens to be differently abled, he or she should contact the company which organises the ferry well in advance; prior to his or her scheduled departure so as to make sure of there being sufficient resources so that the trip made on the ferry is not uncomfortable for him or her.

Companies such as Stena Line organise ferry trips from England right along the cost of the Netherlands and it can be said that these trips are not expensive as they set a traveller on the ferry back by only about fifty pound; as the starting price. It can be said that as long as a person is willing to set aside a little time in order to do a little due diligence when it comes to routes and fares, he or she should be able to head to England for a relatively economical fare.

If a person prefers to travel by train and not by ferry, his or her choices would be relatively fewer but it is not like he or she would have possibilities to choose from. The Eurostar makes good sense as Europe i.e. the mainland is joined with central London. However, the drawback of this is the fact that the car a person might have ordinarily wished to take along with him or her to London would have to be left behind.

The ferry is a good way to travel, especially if a person is planning to travel to London accompanied by his or her family and as a result of the same, wishes to take his or her vehicle along. Taking the vehicle along prevents the family from having to crowd into public transport and is especially useful if there are young children in the family who are at risk of getting lost by losing track of their parents.

London is a great city to pay a visit to at any time of the year and it can be said that a ferry is also a great way for a person to get to London so that he or she can enjoy a simple fantastic holiday there and resultantly, create memories that would last the span of his or her remaining lifetime.

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