Pleasures of Big Bus Tours in London

London has some of the best attractions like Big Bus Tours which add to the travel delight here.

Seeing the beautiful city of London is in itself an experience and if one of them includes a red bus tour then there is nothing in comparison to that. The upper deck of the bus provides the best sights from top and the sightseeing buses are indeed a landmark in London tours. A perfect position for photography, these red buses is a mainstay of London sightseeing attractions. Visitors usually take normal London buses, but the Big Bus tours really a wonderful experience and a must do at least once. The routes cover many sights and as it is a hop on hop off service, the pleasures are worth the effort.

Types of Big Bus routes

There are three routes in the Big Bus Tours

The Red Route

This is a tour which comes with a live commentary with a Guide who one can interact with. This is circular and takes around two and a half hours and gives one the sights one looks forward to.

The Blue Route

Very similar to the Red one it is a little longer and gives most of West London including South Kensington with its many museums like Science Museum, Natural History Museum and V&A. One also has the Hyde Park and Harrods here along with the Madame Tussauds Museum. There is a continuous recorded commentary that is available here with a choice of around eight languages.

The Green Route

This is in fact the shortest route and crosses from Covent Garden to the King are Cross and goes back again.

The Free Walking Tours

This is a wonderful way of spending the time here and is a part of the Big Bus Tours along with a river cruise too. One also at times has a second day for free in certain tickets. At the Green Park Station there are tour staff members who help to know how best to use the voucher given. The staff is very friendly as well as helpful and very open to guiding the tourists how to go about the tour. A weekend tour on this bus is sure to give one a major knowhow of how beautiful the city is.

Hotels in London

While in Londona comfortable accommodation is a convenient way of relaxing. Places like Hyde Park are beautiful havens of serenity and calm providing the tourists with the much needed relaxation. Take back a wonderful combination of delightful experiences and lovely stays at Hyde Park Paddington hotels and come back with a tour to cherish and a delight to treasure. Surely all tourists would not only enjoy the bus tours but also the stays in such beautiful hotels. London is indeed a travel haven for all and a pleasurable place for the adventurous.

Advantages of the Red Route Bus Tour

This is usually at times accompanied with the Harry Potter walking tour and the river cruise in Greenwich which allows one to do a lot for free. Begin the bus tour in any of the stops and then go on to Green Park and stay till Embankment. One reaches the Trafalgar Square and then continues with the bus tour thus completing the full route.

The Big Bus Tour Guides

The Guides usually are warm and welcoming and make everyone comfortable on board. They usually give people all the relevant locations and are always knowledgeable and well trained. The guides of the buses enjoy what they do and also regale the tourists with their humour. Not only do they continuously interact with the passengers but also give answers to all the questions and give opinions comparing them to other sights seen earlier. The Guides also help with photo shoots and explain the importance of the Royal Family in London. The driver usually knows where the passengers have to get off and makes it convenient for them.

Some rules To Be Followed

Usually no sightseeing buses are permitted to drive in front of Buckingham Palace and there are stops near the locale. For the romantic couples, the Guides provide all information about romantic locales and for the children the Guides interact with them and provide them leisure and fun time. They introduce the tour well and it remains etched in the minds of the tourists for a long time.

The Free Harry Potter Walking Tour

Harry Potter the world famous fiction book has its origins here and there are many Harry Potter film locales in the city of London thus getting the tourists interested in the place. It is always very nice to have a good Guide to show the place around.

The Free River Cruise

The free cruise is a part of the City Cruises and usually involves taking the people around in the cruise. There is a commentary for the benefit of all and tourists love to scour the area at their own peaceful leisure. The views around are admirable and filled with memorable experiences. They take one to Greenwich where again one can enjoy the best sights. ‘

Why The Big Bus Tours are good

London is a place that has some of the best places to see and the most interesting places to visit.The Big Bus Tours only add to the good experiences and provide one with a lot of take back. It is a fun way to see London in a very short while and involves providing maximum enjoyment in minimal time. With so much to do in the city of London it is important that one does not miss out on anything as crucial as a landmark. The bus tours introduce the tourists to a new concept of valuable memory. London has a certain class with its elegant gardens and royal palaces which make the trip so eventful and memorable. With tours such as these it is a great experience for all who come here.

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