London Nightlife Savings: How to save at pubs, clubs and culture

London is an incredible city to pay a visit to and it can be said to have a nightlife which can put the nightlife many other cities around the world to shame.

However, keeping in mind the fact that the city has a reputation which tags it as a slightly unaffordable, a reputation which can be said to be more than a little unfair, it is important to not spend an inordinate sum of money for a night of fun when a visitor to the city goes out to have some fun.

After a few drinks for a person who is in London and goes out, it is important to get home safe and it can be said to be quite fitting that a significant amount of money can be saved by making a good choice, in terms of how he or she is to get back to the place he or she is staying at.

While the easiest way back would usually mean taking a black cab, this is not a smart way to head back if one is looking to save money while in London.

If one cannot make use of the London Tube or the Underground, it makes sense for him or her to use one of the many buses which operate in London at night. The great part about making use of a bus to return after a night out is that payment is convenient as the Oyster card one is carrying while visiting London can be made use of. If it is felt that personalised transport is the need of the hour, then a cab provided by Uber can be made use of.

Especially if it is a weekend, then there are many places which are good options, in London, if a visitor to the city is in the search of good live music. A place by the name of Old Blue Last is well worth paying a visit to and is located in the rather happening area of Shoreditch; so a visit which is paid to this place can be combined with visits paid to other places which are located in the vicinity of Old Blue Last. Apart from this place, there is an alternative in the form of Ain’tNothin’ But which is located on Carnaby Street. It is good to know, especially if one is keeping a tight eye on the purse strings, that a lot of the time, entry is free. If a person who is interested by the prospect of paying a visit, he or she should arrive there prior to about half past eight in case he or she does not wish to get charged an entry fee.

If the aim of a visitor to the city is to save money while squeezing all the value he or she can of the money he or she will be spending, it is quite important, to say the very least, that this should also be the case when the matter of selecting the right hotel to stay at is at hand. If a visitor chooses to book a room for himself or herself at a hotelsuch as the London premier notting hill , it can be said that he or she would be able to procure some good value for the money spent by him or her.

As for a good place to grab a drink, if a person who is going out drinking would not mind having a tipple in an atmosphere which is full of history, then there can be few places in the entirety of London which are as steeped in history as Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, which has been around since the 17th century and can be found on Fleet Street.

However, if the case is such that one does not wish the late night beverage he or she would be consuming to be alcoholic in nature, he or she can go to Bar Italia, which is located in Soho and is a place known to serve some great coffee. This place is open all day and all night so it is a dependable place to go to. Scooter Caffe in Waterloo is a good alternative to be kept in mind.

All in all, it can be said that if one is willing to go to the right places and spend a little bit of effort to do so; he or she can surely have a great time in London and make great savings on the amount which would have been spent by him or her under ordinary circumstances. There really should not be the matter of money stopping him or her from creating some great memories of his or her time in this brilliant capital city.

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