Facts to know about London Dungeon

Planning to make the most of the English capital? Well there are several ways of engaging into a holiday break in London city which will truly put emphasis on your holiday trip in the most interesting manner. There are several places to explore in London and one of them is the London Dungeon. If you are planning to take your kids to the trip and wish to explore some of the unique places of interest then London Dungeon would surely top the list.

It has been coined as the museum of horrible history. As you start exploring the enchanting cultural exquisiteness of London, you will come across the fact that the most visited attraction in London has always been associated with death, misery and fear.

The Dungeon has been around since the year 1974 and you would love to get educated on some of the darkest topics of the city’s history along with several infamous murders committed by Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd.

The London Dungeon happens to be as scary as it is hyped to be and you would only feel captivating exploring the facts on your own. It has reinvented itself in the year 2013 and has opened up as a better, bolder and bigger place of interest in the County Hall. It is located near South Bank and is extremely close to the London Eye. It also happens to be owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments.

This newly structured up attraction has brought up 1000 years of authentic London. It has some fascinating history to offer to each one of its visitors. With a unique blend of talented live actors who continue performing funny shows and special effects and thrilling rides, you are surely going to love every single bit of your vacation and that too in a desirable manner.

Put up at the hotels near Bayswater tube station for ensuring a happening holiday break ahead and then you will also get the opportunity to stay close to several fascinating travel attractions in London including the London Dungeon.

The guests will continue to embark on a journey right through the dramatic landscape that dates back to more than ten centuries. You will be guided through ghastly plague ridden streets along with witnessing Guy Fawkes’ dramatic plot that will eventually blow up Parliament. You can surely travel back to Jack the Ripper’s bleak Whitechapel. Take your kids to a leisurely stroll beneath the foreboding medieval gates in the Dungeon.

If this is your first time visit in London and you are planning to explore every interesting fact about the Dungeon then you can surely consider pondering some of your attention on the following facts.

  • There had never been a dungeon before in London: The London Dungeon was never a dungeon at all. Its original location was on Tooley Street. It was constructed during the middle of nineteenth century. The arches were once used to store imported goods from ships along the Thames. As the years passed on, the location was used as a pillory for punishing the thieves. In order to imprison the arrested drunks until they had sobered up. After a span of 39 years, the place of interest was moved to its present location which happens to be positioned near the London Eye. Therefore, the present location where the Dungeon sits today has no relevant history at all.
  • The skeletons were not fake: The London Dungeon did not use a prop skeleton for putting on display for the holiday lovers. The staff always thorough that the skeleton was a fabricated one and was once wired together during the 1950s. Eventually the scientists had discovered that the skeleton was genuine and had featured a combination of artificial as original body parts that date back to several centuries.
  • One of the many advertisements of London Dungeon got banned for being insanely scary: The London Dungeon started displaying digital advertisements throughout different Underground stations. The government decided to ban the advertisement as it was inappropriate for display in the untargeted medium. The advertisement displayed a scarred face with a widely opened mouth of Queen Mary and her transition to a zombie which was horrifically scary for the little children as they walked past the digital advertisement.

The London Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, scenes, stages and special effects in a unique walkthrough experience that you can perceive through all your senses. Although it can get scary at times, the overall experience is quite fun filled and can be enjoyed by visitors hailing from different age groups.

 It has always been a well planned experience which would mean that there will be 360 degree sets that are full of authenticity and theatrical storytelling experiences. If you are interested in checking out some of the money saving tips to enjoy a great time in London Dungeon then you must follow the below mentioned tricks.

  • You can get discounted tickets at the viator that is eminent at offering Skip the Line tickets.
  • The official website of the London Dungeon will also offer you with plenty of discounts on the tickets prices.
  • Print a voucher at the Smartsave and save up to 20% o your ticket prices.
  • Get leaflets for money off coupons from your hotel or other London attractions
  • You can book a tour from the hotel where you have been staying at which also includes an entrance to the London Dungeon.

The London Dungeon is undoubtedly one of the mostly explored attractions in the British capital which you would love to visit during your upcoming vacation break in the English capital. It has been delighting audiences for almost 40 years. The 90 minute well staged journey dating back to nearly 1000 years will help you get educated about the city’s murkier past. You can walk through the Dungeon while moving from one to show to the other. It was guided by several professional actors.

The theatrical shows are based on real London history and legends. You would love to get up close and personal with several sinister characters that will include Jack the Ripper and the infamous barber of Fleet Street and Sweeney Todd.

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