Explore the historic city of Tripoli

When one thinks of Africa as a holiday destination people generally think of South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia and other areas that are rich in natural wildlife and very popular with tourists. The animal safaris in this part of the world are legendary with millions of visitors queuing up to visit the continent every safari season. Not many are aware that Libya that lies in the North of Africa has some very historic sites to visit and explore.

The country of Libya with its capital Tripoli lies at the crossroads of ancient civilisation and has some of the finest Greek and Roman ruins in that part of the world. Prominent among them are Sabratha, Cyrene and Leptis Magna among other sites of historic interest. While most of the tourist destinations on the African Continent are predominantly about wildlife reserves, Libya offers a unique contrast being mainly of archaeological significance. For those who have a passion for history Libya offers a treasure trove of places to explore.

If you are looking for hotels in Tripoli Libya the city does have quite a few that offer a luxurious ambience with the best of facilities and modern amenities. Of course if you do plan to spend a holiday here, it is recommended to check the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advisory for the latest travel updates to the region.

One of the best hotels to stay on a trip here is the Corinthia Hotel Tripoli, which offers convenient access to most of the historical sites that lie nearby. For those who have a passion for history Libya offers it aplenty with five places that have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The most prominent is the ancient Roman city of Sabratha which lies to the west of Tripoli. Once a magnificent Roman city named Leptis Magna existed here in all its glory.

The ruins here are considered to be out of the most well preserved Roman ruins in the Mediterranean region. Equally striking are the ancient Greek archaeological sites in Libya that compete in popularity with their Roman counterparts.  There is the fabulous temple dedicated to Zeus in Cyrene. Other prominent temples dedicated to ancient deities are the temple of Demeter and the temple of Apollo. Visitors who are keen to learn more can drop in at the Cyrene Museum that is close by.

Besides the archaeological attractions another prominent attraction that piques the interest of many visitors to the region is the stunning Sahara Desert. It is spread over most of the country and dominates the landscape as well as cultural and social life of the Libyan people. There are a wide variety of tourist activities that are planned in the desert area which include cultural and entertainment events.

A visit to Libya is for those who want to travel and learn more about distant lands and ancient civilisations, to know more about the evolution of mankind over time.

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