The Ten Best British Foods you must try

london food

The city of London is a place with a difference. It provides one with a reason to enjoy and also make best of the tours here. Come here to the beautiful land of museums and palaces and enjoy the best of monumental delights right here in the beautiful European charm. There is a certain excitement about being here and one can only make way for some of the best kinds of travel luxuries which make the place so entertaining and inviting. Visit the lovely land of beautiful pleasures and take back a wonderful combination of tour and travel delights. The best ways to enjoy the city is to bring back a wonder combination of erstwhile charms and present day pleasures. London truly is a place where one would surely love to be a part of the amazing travel and tour experiences. The ideal ways to experience the pleasures of London is to also binge in the food that makes a great travel memory. The British foods have a specific blend of old and new and the way one can enjoy it entirely depends on the traveler and the taste.

The English breakfast

The English breakfast is truly a major aspect of the British food pattern. The morning fare is inclusive of eggs, sausages and bacon. Then one has grilled tomatoes, tea, mushroom, toast with marmalade. Existing since the 19th century, the workers in rural England always had the requirement of a huge meal that would help them to fulfill the long mornings which provide the hearty meal fare which is surely a visitor’s delight. This is one of the most popular kindsof British food which is popular across the world.

The Pleasures of Cider

Anyone who is a British foodie would surely not miss the cider which is really sparkling in appearance. This sweet drink is a blend of alcohol and fermented apples. There are many kinds of cider that are found in the supermarkets from authentic producers. They are found in British bars and the local brewers produce them in a variety of flavors as well as with perfectly balanced alcoholic content. There are many apples that are grown in United Kingdom and one only can say that cider is one of the favorite drinks here.

The Exotic Salt Beef Bagel

The salted beef bagel is a unique dish that has been discovered by the Jewish community who live in the Eastern part of London way back in the 1800s. This has been a longtime staple die in British culinary delights. This is a community that has been working on the variety of beef recipes and now these are served with fresh bagels. It is very common to find a long line of people waiting for the very famous Bengal Bake which is usually open all day and also serves the tastes of the customers.

Whisky Delights in British Foods

Enjoy the foodie experience and be a part of the United Kingdom food delights. The Scottish Whisky here along with the best ways of making things come true in travels is a unique blend of absolutely tasty malted barley which sets it apart from the overall deinking pleasures. The 115 officially licensed distilleries bring in Scottish whisky which is a great delight for the visitor.

The Bara Brith Bread Pleasures

The Bara Brith Bread Delights along with the other pleasures in food travels make way for the best kinds of culinary delights. The speckled bread is a unique mix of the British tea bread along with dried fruits and spices, raisins and currents. The brewed tea is a very common part of the Bara Brith Bread indulgence. Then the flavored and the moist breadhelps one to completely enjoy the overall feeling. The bread is usually served with thick slices and warm toast. The Brits love adding a spread on the toast with soft cheese or butter. Enjoy the pleasures of staying in hotels like The Marble Arch by Montcalm London 

london food

london food


Tea is a very important part of the British delights. One only has to sit back and enjoy an afternoon tea and be a part of British charms. The average Brit usually takes around three cups every day. The whole of United Kingdom usually drinks around 165 million cups in one day. This comes to around 62 billion cups every year. The drink was earlier meant only for the affluent but with passing time it became a daily activity. The elegance of tea delights along with light sandwiches and pastries. These are usually reserved for small conclusions.

Pork Pie Pleasures

The pork pie is well known for its unique round shop and also comes with a special touch of class and British gourmand delights. Pork Pies earn the name from their shape. This is really a wonderful example of a unique dish in this part of England. This is a simple British fare and is usually served cold. Thus it is indeed a very favorite dish for all who come here.

Beer Pleasures in British Food

Everyone loves to have beer which is the most popular drink in the United Kingdom. This is something that accounts for more than 70% of the drinks that are usually ordered in all the pubs. Beer is usually brewed in the land of Britain and this was so even before the entry of the ancient Romans who make it so much a part of their life. The breweries were common in the country. The British land is famous for its ales and porters. The London’s Fullers brewery and the Brown Ale from Newcastle are also famous.


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