A Tour of Covent Garden in London

Whenever people think about touring London, it is the same age old list of attractions that most follow. Certainly they are some of the most beautiful things to check out in the city and for a first time visitor they certainly hold much more attraction, but for someone who is visiting London for the umpteenth time spending the days checking out these already known attractions is simply a waste of time in my opinion. London has much to offer and its diversity in the tourist attraction department is certainly enviable.

Moving a little away from the heart of the city, if we look towards the history of London we will find the name of one place which was regarded as the most fashionable place to live in. It happened to be so until the great fire of London in 1666 destroyed all the buildings in this region and finally in 1670 there was a marketplace built in this area, transforming it completely. The name of the place I am talking about is that of Covent Garden. It is not a name unheard of but a number of tourists actually never take out the time to check out this place. If you have already had a glimpse of the major attractions in the English capital you will probably do good to check out this wonderful place. There are some pretty great hotels near Covent Garden as well which will be fine place to stay if you are planning on spending your holiday checking out the various attractions on the outskirts of London. Here is a list of some of the best attractions in Covent Garden.

  • St Paul’s Church – This is one of the oldest structures in the area. It was established in 1633 and many know this one as the Actor’s Church as well. The reason behind this naming is the long association of the church with the acting community. As you explore the interior of the church you will find many wall panels all across the church which has the names of the actors and actresses of the bygone era. The exterior of the church is quiet and peaceful. You will be able to rest and take in the beauty of the place while you sit on the benches available on the church ground. You may also follow the “Avenue of Stars”, which is a walkway established in 2005 that will take you through the church ground.
  • The Royal Opera House – Located on the Bow Street, which also houses The Royal Ballet, this is one of the best places to check out performing arts. London is known for its association with various forms of art and culture. This is certainly a reminder of that relation. You will be able to check out the various belongings of the opera during the exhibition that happens between August and September each year.
  • West End Theatres – The West End Theatres and Covent Garden are two names that cannot be separated from each other. The garden being located in the heart of West End Theatres it is home to a large number of theatres itself. However, you should check out Theatre Royal in Dury Lane, unless you have a weak heart. It is the oldest theatre in the area and also is said to be most haunted of all.

Covent Garden is definitely a fine place to stay while visiting London. I personally found One Aldwych Hotel to be one of the most charming of all places available.

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