Attractions Of Venice

When checking out any city we always begin with the various architectural beauties and special attractions in the city. However, a true traveller will always get to know the city first. Even though we generally do not have that much time in hand, but let us try to explore the nooks of corners of the next city we visit before we start checking out the buildings and special attractions of the place. This can be perfect if you are planning you next trip to Venice. Venice is among the oldest cities in the world and its history dates back centuries. We even find its mentioning in some of the most celebrated literatures of all times. The Italian city is remarkable mainly because of the fact that almost entire of it is built on water. However, you may explore Venice on foot as well. Yes, there are streets and lanes in Venice, which may seem hard to believe for someone who has never been to this place.

You will certainly find a large number of places to stay in Venice. If you are looking for the luxury hotels in Venice you will have no problem getting one. There are quite a number of them. My personal favourite has been Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort. It is one of the finest places to stay in the city and offers fantastic hospitality and grand accommodation. They have their official website which offers ease of booking from the comfort of your home. So, no more you have to worry about getting the accommodation after you have reached the city and fear of not finding any because of full booking during the peak season. You might even be able to grab a great discount if you are lucky enough.

Once the matter with the accommodation is settled, it is time to explore the various parts of the city. The best option will be to get lost in the city. Well, that is not a difficult thing to do, especially if you are new to Venice. Navigating through the roads and alleys of the city is quite a daunting task even with a map of the city in hand. However, you can quite easily get lost in the city and explore the unexplored parts of the city while getting to know the local lifestyles.

The gondolas in Venice are highly popular among the tourists. It offers the wonderful experience of navigating through the city on water. It is the primary reason why the tourists are attracted towards Venice. However, it can be a bit pricey, but worry not. The gondolas can accommodate up to six people in one gondola. So you may get the cost split up while enjoying the ride through the city.

Venice is an old city. Naturally you will find quite a few museums and old buildings all across the city. The museums are a great place to find more about the city, its art, culture, and history. The buildings in Venice are not all very beautiful and exquisite. But together, along with the cityscape of Venice they exhume a charm of their own. Even though the winter is not particularly a great time to visit the city, but if you have the opportunity, do check it out when the winter is at its peak. The frozen look of Venice is not something you will come across every day.

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