Weird, Unimaginable Food Dishes in London

Some weird food dishes have been reported from the far eastern countries such as snakes and frogs but of late bizarre foods in London have also been noticed in some places. Given below are some of the unusual foods.

Testicles at Testi

At Testi in Stoke Newington, testicles are served after skinning and with skewers at this east London Turkish grill. Testicles are famous for being tasty, particularly the gonads of plump lambs that are served after being covered in crawling red veins.

Sea Cucumber at Hakkasan

It’s not a vegetable as the name may suggest but a leathery-skinned, animal similar to a starfish. Some may be like a spiky alien slug and others like a penis leading to the belief that it is an aphrodisiac. It has a mild flavour and it is not easy to find and as such you have to order in advance if you need it.

Calf’s Brain at Bibendum

At Bibendum in Fulham, you can get deep-fried calf’s brain on top of a delightful Lyonnaise salad with a sweet dipping sauce. It tastes something like a savoury marshmallow.
Garlic Locusts at Archipelago

At Archipelago in Fitzrovia, the menu includes locusts, kangaroo, frogs’ legs and zebra. The most favourite are the locusts that are pan-fried in garlic and chilli.

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Ducks’ Tongues at Viajante

At the fashionable Viajante restaurant in Bethnal Green, you can get ducks’ tongues surrounded by slight amount of meat and papery thin layer of cartilage. This is served with a portion of brill by the chef.

Meat Fruit at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

At Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner at the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the signature dish is meat fruit that looks like an orange but tastes like a chicken. The appetiser looks like a mandarin, complete with a leaf, but beneath the glossy, tangy jelly is chicken liver parfait.

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Jellied Eels at Tubby Isaac’s

Jellied eels are cooked with water, salt and parsley and then they are set in the gelatine they release. Eels were a favourite in Victorian times but have become unpopular now. This restaurant is probably the only one championing their cause.

Nose to Tail at St John

The Chef at St John uses the entire pig, including its knobbly and wobbly bits. His menu is dominated by trotters, heads, liver and lungs.

Acorn Praline at Dabbous

Usually pig food, acorns have an earthy, smoky nuttiness when cooked properly. The chef at this Fitzrovia restaurant serves them alongside a cut of barbecued Iberico pork. The restaurant has an eight-month waiting list of diners.

Blood and Chocolate Pate at Bocca Di Lupo

The Calabrian dessert at this restaurant is a sweet pate of pig’s blood and chocolate with sourdough bread. Imagine having delicious chocolate pud with pig’s gore! That’s how weird it is.

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