Spending free TIME in Greenwich

Greenwich is the place where the world looks to so as to orient themselves of the time and time zones. For years on end, Greenwich Mean Time or GMT has been used as a reference tool. However, going to this lovely area to see the sights and museums is not the only thing to do as it is fully possible for one to have a free day out while in Greenwich.

If one wishes to get to Greenwich in the first place, there is a fair likelihood that with the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, he or she will feel that the final part of the journey to Greenwich would entail him or her going through the tunnel. The tunnel goes under the River Thames, which is in the neighbourhood of Greenwich.

There are steps which takes the tunnel walker up to ground level on either side of the river but they need not always be used as the elevators occasionally work! The use of the tunnel is completely free of cost. It is to be noted, however, that the weather can get chilly under the river; in the tunnel.

While Greenwich is quite a fine place, it is fully understandable if one wishes to stay in a more happening part of London, which has more attractions close by and for this purpose a hotel such as the Marble Arch by Montcalm London is likely to prove more than sufficient.

When one sets up with a mission like this in his or her mind, the prudent thing to do is to set out to pay a visit to the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre. Being informed while going about on a visit to any place at all is always good and by visiting the Tourist Information Office at the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre, the tourist in the area of Greenwich will be armed with not only a free map but loads of tips and titbits of valuable advice as to what to go see in Greenwich, taking into account the time and schedule of the visitor.

Talking about Discover Greenwich, which is located in the Old Royal Navy College, there are other attractions in Greenwich which can be seen on this very campus, itself. These include the Chapel, which is beautiful and a visit to it can also expose the visitor to some good, free music, which originates from the Trinity Laban Music College, which shares a campus which the Old Royal Navy College.

Another attraction which is close by, in fact, right opposite The Chapel, is the Painted Hall, which is a hall which can attribute its name as a direct result of its being really very beautifully painted and designed. In fact, the man who painted it was Sir James Thornhill; who happens to be the same man who painted the inside of the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The Painted Hall has been used on multiple occasions as a location to shoot movies. Two of the movies which have featured scenes which were shot in the Painted Hall are the latest instalment of the Bond series, Skyfall and Pirates of the Caribbean, in its On Stranger Tides instalment. The designers of the hall included the well-known and reputed Sir Christopher Wren, who had a great part to play in the design of many a great building and the rebuilding of London itself in the wake of the Great Fire.

If one would like to see some fine art while not going all the way to museums such as the National Gallery, going to the Queen’s House would aptly suffice. The house was built in the 1600s for Henrietta Maria, who was the queen of King Charles I. It is said that the glory of the British Empire at its peak was derived, in no small part, from the maritime might of its navy and in the National Maritime Museum, this aspect of British history is well documented. The extent of the depth of detail is such that the museum is the largest maritime museum in the world.

One should pick up a Compass Card while visiting the museum and since the best things in life are free, a visit to the Compass Lounge will yield free Wi-Fi internet to the visitor!

Among the art and the museum, it is fully understandable if the visitor to Greenwich wishes to just have some free time and open space. If this happens to be the case, heading to Greenwich Park would not be a bad idea at all. This park is rather large, to say the least, as it covers more than a hundred and eighty acres.

The park visit would cap off an interesting and informative visit to Greenwich

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