Best joints to try Scandinavian food in London

London is a multicultural city famed for its cosmopolitan character that is reflected in its arts, culture, music and of course cuisine. In London you can expect to sample the finest of international culinary delights from across the globe. The sheer variety of gastronomic fare is mind boggling, ranging from Lebanese falafel to Pakistani kebabs. It is the city for food connoisseurs to visit who are sure to satiate their palates with the exotic dishes available in the city.

Leave your Premier London Notting Hill hotel room and you will come across an amazing array of restaurants and food joint that rustle up the finest cuisines ranging from Continental to Scandinavian dishes. In fact, Scandinavian food has played a key influence on international cuisines over the ages. It is well known for its clean, healthy and simplistic approach, which is reflective of the aesthetes of Scandinavian culture. There are a number of Scandinavian joints and restaurants opened all over London, which include Norwegian and Swedish Norwegian cafes in the city. Some of the top venues to sample the finest of Scandinavian food in London are…


It is fast gaining cachet as being out of the top most Scandinavian restaurants in the city, despite being rather new on the scene. This Nordic smokehouse and bar Rok, is located on Curtain Road close to Old Street that lies in the East End of London. It is the creation of Frida Lindmark, and the restaurant emphasises on classic Scandinavian food techniques, which include smoking, brining and pickling, while using the finest of British ingredients. It offers diners breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with a late night cocktail venue that is to be started downstairs soon. Some of the dishes on offer are duck leg with bacon and lingonberry jam and smoked short rib of beef with yummy birch syrup among other delectable dishes.

Cooper & Wolf:

You will find Cooper & Wolf situated on Hackney’s Chatsworth Road. It specialises in coffee, and offers a mean range of single-estate beans that are locally roasted by Caravan at King’s Cross. The menu of course draws its inspiration from further distant Sweden, with every preparation being made in classic Swedish style. Worth mentioning are its succulent meatballs that are served on sourdough toast accompanied by a beetroot salad. Another delicacy is its famed Hansen & Lydersen salmon (cured in Norwegian-style) that is served with a crispy potato cake. Also try out the classic cinnamon buns that come fresh from Cooper & Wolf’s oven. Definitely worth a trip!

Fika Swedish Bar and Grille:

While it has been around for some time Fika is a tried and tested favourite of most Londoners. It is a warm cosy joint nestled in Brick Lane, that serves simplistic yet delectable, Scandinavian fare such as the tantalising Swedish meatballs, lovely rye bread sandwiches and sinfully tempting desserts, with cinnamon buns and coffee to wash it down. Just the spot to bring your mates or colleagues over for a spot of lunch! In case you plan to do breakfast, Fika does offer an equally tempting Swedish breakfast to drive away the blues if you have been on a booze binge over the weekend. Make it a point to visit their small roof terrace to enjoy a leisurely coffee and relax.


The perfect place to drop in for brunch is Lundenwic. It is owned by Dominic Hamdy and Oliver Hiam who derived their inspiration to open a cafe, following a trip to Copenhagen. The dishes on offer are contemporary but owe their style to classic Danish dishes. It offers a very healthy menu for breakfast that includes a variety of healthy porridges, and some not-so-healthy scrumptious pastries like cinnamon buns. At lunch you can expect a wide spread of healthy fresh salads, toasties and rye bread sandwiches. For caffeine lovers there is the Workshop espresso that offers an ever changing blend of coffee flavours. The owners on Lundenwic are very particular about only sourcing seasonal ingredients from the local market that are top grade. Some of the excellent offerings at Lundenwic are its summer salads which feature green beans, feta cheese and pickled peach with a crispy hazelnuts garnishing for a lovely crunchy flavour. Its interiors are minimalistic in design that keeps it fresh with emphasis on functionality and plenty of natural light.


One of the finest Scandinavian restaurants in town Hedone located at Chiswick is owned by Mikael Jonsson. It has an illustrious lineage having been awarded a much coveted Michelin star, besides having the added distinction of being selected as the 60th best restaurant on planet Earth, at the World’s 50 Best awards. With such an impressive pedigree Hedone certainly lives up to its name! Its owner Mikael Jonsson takes pride rightfully in his Swedish heritage. You will find it permeating through in the dishes on offer that change daily and show a strong Nordic influence, which is remarkably accentuated in the fine cuisine on offer. While the emphasis is on veggie dishes that are seasonal in nature, its non-vegetarian fare is simply divine. Some fine examples of the dishes that tease the palate are roasted grouse with smoked sweetcorn, Isle of Mull scallop that is succulent and sublime, sherry meringues with foie gras that is ethereal, among many more fabulous gastronomic delights on offer. They certainly do not come any better than Hedone!

Curious Yellow Kafe:

This rather neon bright coloured place on Pitfield Street offers a variety of classics ranging from croissants to a traditional English fare. Its area of speciality however is in its Swedish culinary delights. Expect to tuck into a king’s breakfast of cheese, gravadlax, ham, raw sliced veggies and pickled gherkin. How much more Scandinavian can you get?? Then there is its excellent assortment of ever changing buns, breads and pastries all that epitomise Scandinavian cuisine. With a rather cool laid back atmosphere it is a charming place to dine at!

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