Things to see in the Tudor London


Tudor London was the biggest city in Western Europe throughout the time of the Tudor emperors. The London of Elizabeth and Henry VII was potentially harmful and dirty. But it still replaced as a magnet, which attracts thousands of people to it, who were interested to get their reputation and particularly, their fortune here. It is believed that the London was a town of immense contrasts. London was full of amusement in Tudor times. At that time, the bear baiting might be discovered in the city. The city was full of crowded, narrow and small streets. Streets that were narrow were as well hard to essentially travel along.

The cinemas were famous and complete on most nights. This city was the main exporter of wool of the Tutor England. London exported a wide range of wool cloth as compared to the Exeter, Bristol, Hull, Southampton and many others. When Henry VII climbed the throne in the year of 1509, the London exported around 80,000 broadcloth made of wool. After the year of 1547, when Henry VII died, there was an export market of the woolen broadcloth, which were around 130,000. There was a great hike in the export trade of the woolen, which were all around 150,000.

It was also expected that the London was a punitive city to reside in. only, the small efforts were being made to assist the poor. The only way to help them is that the rich voted to tax on their own. If teams that if they were willing to, they could help the poor.

The current scenario of the Tutor London

Nowadays, it is also seen that this export city has a great reputation all over the world. In the previous times, the London was never to develop to city that was cemented with gold, in which people would get their fortune. The Tudor London purchases, sell, and trade in different parts of the world. There are various wealthy merchants, bankers and money changers in the town. Some of them sell costly goods, while on the other hand, other deal just in wholesale goods or money.

Still the city is known as an export center for different goods all over the world, it is also a famous place to explore different types of sight-seeing locations. The park grand Paddington suites give you a comfortable stay while visiting this export city of the England at any time. You can book accommodations in advance.

What things are available to see in the Tutor London?

The Tower of London

It is located at the Tower Hill. The Tower of London is a place, where a third wife of the Henry was executed. The place also gives you a chance to experience Tudor knick-knacks, which includes breastplate that belongs to a progressively girth some Henry. If you want to visit the Tower of London, the opening hours are needed to know. Using the internet, you can know about the correct timings to visit the tower during the opening hours. You can reach to the tower by having an access to the Tower Hill and Tower Gateway.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace  is one of the popular palaces, where Henry VIII: Heads and Hearts opens on 10th of April. Being a well-known building of the Tudor, there is a lot to amaze you. Richard Evans is one of 5 Henry VIII imitators there. The Evans originated in the year of 2006. Incidentally, he got promoted. You can explore the majestic palace of the Henry VIII, which involves his wonderful state apartments and the massive Tudor kitchens. There is nothing to miss in the Haunted Gallery, the formal gardens, the Baroque Palace, and the popular labyrinth by booking a trip with one of the popular travel agents. You need to get tickets, according to your age, number of persons and many others. If you are having kids between 5 to 15 years, then under 5’s can enter to the palace free of cost.

The Medieval Banquet

The Banquet is located in the cellars of Ivory House, St Katharine Docks, the Henry VIII controls on a torch lit feast with sword wielding knights and musicians. Postprandial dancing creates this especially suited to stag dos.

Westminster Abbey

It has a lot of great artifacts. The cloister museum includes a wonderful funeral cover of Henry VIII. The cultural significance of this place is difficult to overstate. Even, you are unable to remember the significance of the place. If you are a shepherd around, then you are compelled to prod fellow tourists beyond to see a tomb or read a plaque. If you are going to visit this place, then you are possibly visiting one of the best things to do near the London Dungeon. It is just 0.3 km from the London Dungeon.

Plan in advance

If you are a frequent traveler, then you understand the importance of planning a trip to the Tutor London in advance. Going out with your family members and friends give you a chance to spend quality time with them at any destination, such as the Tutor London that is known to be the export city in the previous and current times. There are many travel agents available in the Tudor London, which you can hire to plan your trip in a comfortable and interesting manner. Book your accommodation facility to enjoy this wonderful trip at this destination easily and comfortably.

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