Sea Bathing In St Kilda

There isn’t probably a single place on earth that doesn’t have an interesting story to tell. It only takes an inquisitive soul and the patience to find out these tales about the various places. There are many travellers who embark on the journey to know these unknown. It is the thirst for these tales that draw them to the farthest corner of the world and the remotest areas. The result is certainly fascinating and gripping. Through them, many a people get to know a large number of facts about a variety of people and places.

While speaking of Australia, one might think that a place with so less documented history will not have much to share about the past and it is the present that attracts most of the people from across the globe. It is these presumptions that turn out to be completely wrong about any place most of the times. If we look at the most popular of all the cities in Australia we will certainly come across the name of Melbourne. Melbourne is one of the finest cities and also termed as the sports capital of the country. Besides this, it is also home to some of the most important business houses. However, Melbourne is known for some other attractions as well. The St Kilda Sea Baths has become an intrinsic part of the culture of the city. The sea bath is one of the most unique experiences one will enjoy while in Australia. There are many who have already enjoyed the refreshing bath already. However, very few know about its interesting history, and how it all started.

Long back, a time which we can term as the ancient times, bathing in sea was not an accepted activity in Australia. It was only after the 1850s that that the activity was accepted in the country. The activity was, however, only allowed behind protective enclosures. The protection was put up to protect those bathing from the other marine lives. However, it also served as a great way of providing protection from the gazes from the fellow bathers of opposite sex. The men used to bath naked in those days, and thus to shield the women from them these protections were built.

At that time there were six bathing places in operation. Sea bathing was considered to have remedial effect and thus became popular among a large segment of the society. It was in 1912 when the prohibition on the Sunday bath was first challenged by Open Sea Bather’s Association. They went into the open sea for bathing. The people were not arrested and this led to the beginning of the popular sea bath that we get to see in the current times in St Kilda.

Today there is a number of popular sea bathing places in the area. There is not only sea water, but minerals are also added to the water to increase the remedial action. Besides sea bathing there is also option to learn swimming for all types of people from every age group.

Those who wish to enjoy the sea bathing in St Kilda can check in at one of the hotels available at the place. The Hotel Urban St Kilda is among the many beautiful hotels available in the locality where one can get the best accommodation.

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