Egg London – For a Unique Dance Music Experience

Located on York Way in London, Egg London offers the best dance music from some of the greatest DJs of the world, who are experts in mixing the best sounds and lights to produce an electrifying, musical environment that satisfies all types of dance music fans. The club utilises both indoors and outdoors and takes advantage of its 24-hour license. It has been host to great musical performances and acts that include Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Danny Tengalia. Egg London sprawls over three floors, an enormous terrace and a garden and as such it presents a large venue where people can lose themselves in the wonderful music and yet the whole place maintains an intimate feel.

 The club is one of a few nightclubs that present house music in a multitude of forms. It boasts of its long list of famous and long-running regular shows that include Fact, Circus, Paradox and Supernova. All of them involve Italo, techno and disco. For people interested in the retro variety, Promised Land presents their popular events at the club involving DJs and vocalists of the old brigade of rave, balearic and acid house.

Egg has survived brilliantly in the atmosphere of rapidly closing and it is testimony to the fact that the clubbing culture of the city is still very active. Since it is located in a remote space, the club does not disturb the neighbourhood even if makes a lot of noise. The nearest Underground station to the venue is King’s Cross St Pancras but it takes a lot of walking from the station to reach it. It is equidistant from Pentonville Road, Caledonian Road and King’s Cross. However, if you reach King’s Cross, you can avail of a free shuttle bus that starts from outside The American Car Wash on York Way and takes you to the club. It is best to take this bus if you are new to the area. For visiting this venue conveniently, it is best to stay at The Marble Arch by Montcalm London as it offers luxurious accommodation in the heart of the city and close to Egg.

The venue has a sophisticated entry system and you will be searched on entry. It is a large venue that has three floors, both inside and outside. The party starts around Friday on weekends and continues until Sunday with a small break in between. Guests can get enough to eat at the eatery inside the venue and there is a separate bar, The Apothecary that is used as a VIP section sometimes. It has a separate entrance from the street. The venue has an average decor that is found to be sufficient by the attendees. The seating arrangement is quite random around the club.

Egg London stands out from other nightclubs near fitness centre london in the city mainly because of its unobtrusive location which is not at all like other busy areas. The space and the garden have been put to good use by providing outdoor seating and Ibiza-esque shades. It has a bar in the outdoor space also but it offers limited amount of drinks. Sometimes, this space is hired out as a VIP space. There is another VIP area, above this area, overlooking the garden that is used as another private space. You may be able to enter the club free of charge before 11pm on some nights but after that, you may have to pay about £15, depending on the night. Students can get a discount entry.

Egg London is quite often used by outside promoters and as such there is a wide variety of attendees that include plenty of students from King’s Cross halls, people from places outside London who have come to the city for having a great night, and lovers of music who find other such places offering 90s style club experience or any other club to be closed. The club has no strict dress code and as such the place presents an unpretentious environment as most people are only interested in dancing and not in any fashion extravaganza.

Despite the fact that there has been a wide expansion of dance genre, Egg London is still more about house music offering a great mix of all types of dance types to suit different types of dance fans. All over the three floors of the venue, a wide range of sounds can be heard ranging from minimal beats to a more relaxed environment. The garden area even has a resident DJ. During weekends, the prevailing mood on Fridays is a mix of house and electro, drum and bass and breaks and on Saturdays there is generally a house and techno soundtrack. It is best to check out the listings before going to Egg as sometimes there are random performances that you may like.

The venue offers a selection of drinks although not to the extent that other nightclubs offer. Bottles of Magners and cans of Red Stripes are quite popular while cocktails are also available on the terrace particularly on a themed night. The choice is however limited and the drinks are quite expensive. The club is ideal for fans of house music and for those who love to dance in a unique space.

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