A great experience in just a few days!

Rather than just four days, it can be said that London has enough to keep a visitor occupied for more than four years, and well occupied, at that! However, though it is unfortunate that the constraints time puts on the traveller result in him or her spending just four days in this incredible city, the best course of action would be to justify the four days he or she has in hand and to help himself or herself to an experience so absolutely unique that it would be agreed, without an iota of doubt, that only a city like London could have such an impact.

When it comes to appealing to the shopaholic side of a traveller, London does do a rather good job of this, too. Harrods has a shopping experience which is unparalleled, with its wide variety of goods for the visitor to the iconic store to pick from, and the helpful and multilingual staff [some of whom are almost on the verge of being polyglots] making sure the experience is unique. The uniqueness of the experience is guaranteed as in no other place will one find a Harrods; apart from this city. For some time, Buenos Aires could compete, but not anymore. The food court which is at Harrods is one which has excellent fare, to say the least!

London is a city, which, along with its worthy competitors like Washington DC and Paris, has among the best museums in the world, both in terms of what the museums offer to teach visitors, as well as the maintenance of the museums. A visitor to the city should evaluate the museums he or she wishes to pay a visit to, based on his or her level of interest in the subject. A little titbit of information which the visitor would not mind being privy to is the fact that a lot of the museums have no admission charge at all; due to the Governmental support and funding which is provided to them.

Visiting the City of London, the part which has been around since the Romans were in the city and walked its roads is not a bad idea, too. The Gherkin, which is considered by quite a few people to be a symbol of the contemporary side of London, is located here, at 30 St. Mary Axe. Taking into due account the fact that the visitor has only four days in the city, killing multiple birds with a stone is of the essence and he or she can also visit Buckingham Palace in Kensington, and the City of Westminster, too. By paying a visit to the latter, he or she can go over to Westminster Abbey and look at the resting place of many an erstwhile mover and shaker of the English and British world.

The Tower of London, which goes back so many centuries in time, is a structure which metaphorically, has seen the city change so very radically around it. It, during the war years, was also a place which housed spies and as a direct result, happened to be the place where they met their end; against a cold brick wall. Today, it is so well maintained and steeped in the history of the country and city that it would seem quite a lot like a crime in case one did not pay it a visit.

The cultural aspect of London, too, is something which is not to be forgotten easily. The theatre one can experience by watching in the city is at least on par with that of Broadway, in New York, across the pond. The theatre scene is so vibrant that the stars of the television screen, such as Benedict Cumber batch of the BBC’s Sherlock fame, act as well. It can be said with an absolute degree of certainty that paying a visit to watch theatre of good quality is something that the visitor to the city would be thankful for doing.

If one has only four days to spend in London, then it is of the essence that he or she, obviously, makes the most of the time to be spent in the city. This is why, it is very important to book a hotel which provides great value and a great location, to boot, so that the traveller would not have to spend any valuable time travelling, in excess of what would be ordinarily required. The Grand Royale London Hyde Park is a place which fits this description and it is more than just likely that a guest who chooses to stay here would make the same choice on the subsequent visit to the city he or she makes.

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