Unusual London Cinemas

If there is anything which London can be relied upon for, it is that it has a fine offering of all things unique.  From restaurants which only serve meals in the dark to hotels in old prisons, there is always something diverse to be found in the capital city and the cinemas here are no different.

If you fancy something off the beaten track for your next film viewing then read on; here are our top picks when it comes to quirky cinemas in London:-

The Electric Cinema

Located on the well known Portobello Road in Notting Hill, the Electric Cinema is one of the best examples of the unusual cinemas which can be found in London.  The cinema has been open since 1911 and features 65 leather armchairs, each with its own footstool and side table for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.  There are also 3 two-seater sofas at the back of the theatre and 6 double beds at the front; if these don’t offer a unique cinematic experience then what will?  The sofas and the double beds cost more than the leather seats and it is worth booking tickets for showings in advance if you want to take advantage of these to avoid disappointment.  On top of all this, you can also make use of the cashmere blankets which are on offer in case you get a bit chilly during the screening.  This cinema is housed in a building which screams history and heritage and the interior tells of luxury and class.  It is the ideal way to experience the cinema on a whole different level; just beware you might find yourself ruined for anything less than the best afterwards!

 Hot Tub Cinema

It’s possible that you thought you had heard it all but when we say hot tub cinema we literally mean a cinema you watch whilst sat in a hot tub.  This unique concept has been wowing cinema-goers the country over and Hot Tub Cinemas can now be found in Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester as well as London.  The London cinema is situated in Shoreditch and shows a variety of classics, covering everything from cult movies to Disney films.  Each hot tub seats 6 people and you can either choose to book 6 tickets and bring along friends or opt to share a hot tub with others.  Each hot tub has its own dedicated waiter and fun is the name of the game at this cinema and fancy dress, sing-a-long and dancing are all actively encouraged.  The London Hot Tub Cinema is located is Shoreditch near Shaftesbury  Premier  London Notting  Hill  at the top of Rockwell House meaning you can combine your cinematic hot tub experience with a stunning view of London’s skyline.  It’s a win-win as far as we can see.

The Rooftop Cinema

The Rooftop Film Club only operates during the summer months and this year will run until 30 September.  It takes place in four locations across the city: Kensington, Stratford, Hoxton and Peckham and shows a variety of films covering everything from much loved romantic comedies to the cult classics.  Blankets and comfortable chairs are provided to ensure maximum comfort although you are advised to dress warmly in case of typical British weather.  The Rooftop Cinema is an all-weather cinema so even if it rains, the showing will still go ahead.  Having a number of locations makes it ideal for anyone staying centrally in London such as at the Park Grand London PaddingtonYou should have no difficulty in finding your nearest Rooftop Cinema.

The Secret Cinema

The secret to the Secret Cinema is not so much that nobody knows about it but that nobody knows the location, film or genre of the next showing.  To become a part of the Secret Cinema you have to register online and you will then be contacted with a time and a place, and a theme.  Attendees must dress up as the characters of the film, or the era in which the film is set and immerse themselves in a different world for the night.  Everything from the setting to the food is chosen to reflect the film.  The idea of the Secret Cinema is to bring together film, music, theatre and art and to create a cultural experience for those who choose to come along.  It isn’t cheap, but it is certainly an unusual way to watch a film and one that you will certainly remember for a long time to come.

Underground Film Club

Created by the same people who brought the Rooftop Cinema Club to London, this Film Club is held in connection with the London Underground and is held in ever changing locations.  So far it has been in the vaults underneath Waterloo and Charing Cross Underground Station and presents a very unique, if somewhat spooky cinematic experience.  It is best to check out the website for details of when the next Underground film club will be held and the exact location.

The Lexi

Watching a film at the Lexi Cinema is a great way to enjoy a movie alongside a feel good factor.  This is because all the profits from the cinema go towards The Sustainability Institute, a charity which is pioneering sustainable living in rural South Africa.  This makes the Lexi the UK’s first social enterprise cinema, and makes it a very worthwhile visit.  The cinema shows both mainstream and art-house films and often hosts special screening nights in order to fundraise for the charity as well.

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