Tourist attractions in Medina

For those who plan to visit Medina or Madinah as it is also known, visitors need to be aware that non-Muslims are not admitted to the Central part, where all the holy sites are situated. Medina is the second holiest Islamic city after Mecca. It is located in the West part of Saudi Arabia in the Hejaz region and is also the capital of the province of Al Madinah.  The Saudi authorities carry out a thorough check of documents and passes issued to visitors and anyone found to be non-Muslim will be turned back from the Central Part of the city. However non-Muslims can visit other areas in the city, which are not in the non-Muslim prohibited zone.

While tourism is mainly for pilgrims, there is a gradual rise in leisure tourism as well. One of the best places to stay is the five stars Shaza Al Madina, which offers a comfortable stay in its plush and opulent surroundings. Some of the main attractions in Medina are:

Luxury shopping: Being such a holy city the last thing one would expect is to find world class shopping malls in Medina. On the contrary some of the best shopping malls are to be found in this historic and religious city. Visitors to Medina can choose to shop at Al-Rashid Mega Mall, Al Hasan Mall or Al Noor Mall.  For those who love to shop the malls here are shopping havens! With some of the biggest brands and designer labels having retail outlets here you can be sure of finding anything you want.

Enjoy fine restaurants: When it comes to cuisines the city has an amazing array of restaurants to select from. From traditional Arabic cuisine to the best of Pakistani and Indian restaurants serving some of the most delectable dishes visitors are spoilt for choice. There are also some great western brand restaurants chains to be found in Medina.

Travel to Yanbu Beach:  A very popular spot with residents of the city is the beautiful Yanbu beach that is about 200 kilometres from the city. Beides visiting the beach at Yanbu, tourists may also visit and shop   in its modern city and explore the old and historic part of the town. For those who like water sports like diving and snorkelling this is the perfect place. With a beautiful coast that is ideally suited for aquatic sports, the marine life and coral reefs are fascinating to see and explore.  After frolicking at the beach visitors can travel to Al Balad, famous for its striking buildings and massive shopping malls. The old city is in sharp contrast to the modern part of town the old city still retains its traditional Bedouin heritage and architecture.

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