Top Most Indian Vegetarian Restaurants In London

The capital city of England has always been considered to be the cornucopia of travel attractions, historic sites, heritage, art, exquisiteness and many other interesting elements which are meant to sway away the hearts of any and every visitor.

Millions of tourists take this opportunity to plan their vacation trip to the English capital and for this they tend to plan the trip much in advance. There is absolutely no dearth of sightseeing spots in London city and this is what tends to allure the attention of milling of people from all across the globe. It is always a wondrous experience of travelling around the most intriguing city of all times.

The city of London has always something special to offer. There is something to cater to the varying needs of each and every individual. You would absolutely love the idea of spending some of your leisure time amid the exquisite historical and architecturally enriched vacation spots that always have something interesting to convey. For a great pleasure to stay you can book The Montcalm at The Brewery London City

You would definitely feel a lot more delighted while checking out the pleasurable plethora of sights and attractions which the English capital is extremely proud of possessing. The way, there is absolutely no lack of any interesting sights, you would also come across to the fact the English capital is great at delighting the taste buds of the visitors as well. No matter what kind of cuisine you are gearing up for having, if the city is London then you will be served with an array of captivating delights soothing your senses.

The English capital is also famous for its enriching diversity which enthrals the visitors in the most scintillating manner. Look ahead to try some of the popular cuisines being made to be available in the city restaurants. This way you will get a chance to make the most of your trip and that too in a convenient way ahead.

If you have tried everything else or wish to begin your vacation delights with the best of everything then you must look out for the options being made to be available for you. Your choice would always depend on the taste you wish to indulge your taste buds with. There are several options available around you and all you need to do is to find yourself the best of all that you need to explore. Among all the cuisines that you can look out for, you must try the Indian cuisines which get served in the Indian restaurants of London city.

Even if you are a vegetarian, it would not be any problem for you to enjoy the spiciest of curries and interesting flavours in your platter. Some of the most famous Indian restaurants for the vegetarians have been mentioned below. You need to go through them for getting a clear understanding on how wonderfully you would be treated with.

Diwana Bhel Puri House:

Put up at one of the discount hotels London in the city centre. This way, it will get easier for you to make your way towards this stalwart Indian food hub which is located next to the Euston Station. The decors might be worn off but that absolutely has got nothing to do with the tastes being served inside the restaurant. The exceptional food quality being offered over here will definitely make your lunch an amazing experience to cherish for a lifetime. The lunch time buffet mainly comprises of a feast of all-time favourites like tempered lentils (Tarka Dal), potato and cauliflower curry (Aloo Gobi), spinach and cheese (palak paneer) along with a host of delicious vegetable curries including the Brussel sprout one. In the evenings, the restaurant serve some traditional South Indian dosas which are mainly rice flower pancakes having savoury fillings. You can look ahead to bring your own alcohol over here. You need to get early as there is no booking system available.


Paying a visit to Sagar belongs to one of the top tips for a great weekend in London. This place is quite a hit among the locals who delightfully look ahead to indulge their taste buds with a wide array of south Indian vegetarian favourites such as dosas and uthappams. Uthappams are lentil pizzas which along with the dosas, belong to menu of styles and fillings. The lunchtime deals consist of an extensively fabulous Rajdani thali. Sagar is one of the most interesting places in London which is eminent at serving a great mixture of ground lentils, mulga podi, spices and melted ghee. Most of the vegetarian eateries refrain from serving alcohol along with the food but at Sagar, things are pretty much different. You can look ahead to try some of the vegetarian wines that have made to the list of International cocktails.


The one man food ambassador in London city for the south Indian state of Kerala has been Das Sreedharan. Out of all his excellently popular restaurants across the English capital, Rasa has been considered to be the only one which is purely vegetarian. As you enter this delightful restaurant, you will be able to come across to a whole new world of vegetarian specialities which mainly consist of avail, kachiathu and rasa vangi. In order to have all of them in your platter, you must always look forward to order a bespoke feast having some taster portions. You must also try out the delicious homemade chutneys and pickles in the English capital.


The business capital of India is Mumbai. This city is one of the largest metropolitan of this Asian country and you must look ahead to try some of the Mumbai special dishes while enjoying your vacation in the British capital. All the Mumbai delights including the famous pani-puri, aloo pari chat, pau bhaji and many more. You must also look ahead to try out the Indian versions of vegetarian Chinese cuisines.

These are some of the places where you can try out authentic Indian vegetarian cuisines while exploring the English capital in the most enthusiastic manner.

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