Sitting Back and Watching A Movie

For many people, straight from childhood, there is an automatic association that the prospect of going to the cinema yields, which is with the many memories associated with these enjoyable visits; be they to watch the blockbuster or to just to pass any surplus or idle time by watching any movie that kindled any figment of interest in one’s mind.

When one makes a visit, he or she will discover that there is no dearth of multiplex cinemas in London.When one has any spare time on his or her visit, there will always be a cinema which is not likely to be located too far away at all from the location of the tourist. For example, if one is in and around the Bayswater part of London, he or she can pay a visit to the Lounge at Odeon Whiteleys. This is a cinema which, like many of the quality cinemas in London, does not offer only movie screenings. Hot food as well as a drink or three are also on offer. The cinema seats are in fact leather chairs which are capable of reclining fully. The seats are replete with about twice as much leg space as one would normally expect to have. The food menu has been thought up so as to ensure that all the items which are featured on it can be had from the comfort of the cinema seat. The food is overseen by Chef Rowley Leigh, who is reasonably well known by virtue of his work with Le Café Anglais. Lamb shish kebab with pitta bread is one of the interesting offerings which can be consumed. Other diverse food items which one is likely to be tempted to order include spicy crab maki and salmon sushi.

Cinema in London

Similarly, if one is in the tony Mayfair part of the city, he or she can head over to Curzon Street, on which, housed in a Grade II listed building, is the Curzon Mayfair, which has a long and respectable track record of showing art house films. At this place too, the bar is said to be well worth it and the primary screen is said to be one of the largest cinema screens one can find in London. This place also has the distinction of being the first cinema to show films in languages other than English to its audiences. Soho, Bloomsbury, Chelsea and Richmond are the other areas in London which are adorned with cinemas managed by the same outfit.

If one is finished with the museum circuit of London and has made good use of the British Museum Guide he or she can relax with a movie to be watched at the oldest cinema London has to offer, which is the Electric Cinema. This cinema is at 191 Portobello Road, in Notting Hill, which is where much of the filming for the movie Notting Hill took place. While the cinema itself cannot boast about its size, what it can offer the movie watcher is a rather unique experience. Foot stools, wine coolers and even beds on the front row supplement the lovely, plush leather armchairs at the Electric Cinema. This is another cinema which is housed in a Grade II listed building. It was opened more than a hundred years ago, in the year 1910, to be precise. The bistro styled restaurant and the Baroque styled auditorium are beautiful reminders of a bygone era.

For a movie buff in London, no other place can probably be referred to as Mecca, as much as BFI Southbank. This place was originally referred to as the National Film Theatre. The number of films which are screened each year at this film location number about two thousand! The variety, it goes almost without saying, is very wide. While there are a variety of festivals which are held here each year [including, interestingly, the annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival], the keynote festival, without a shadow of doubt is the BFI London Film Festival, which is a film gala which lasts, on average about ten days.  Shaftesbury metropolis hyde park london is very much near to this icon and offers a luxury accommodation in your budget.

In general, the movies which are shown at the BFI are a mix of modern, experimental movies, which are duly interspersed with older classics. If one finds that his or her curiosity has been piqued, he or she is free to go through the BFI National Archive and the good part about this is that digging through this resource does not set one back a dime; as it is completely free.

Sometimes, all one needs is to answer the needs of the inherent movie goer or watcher in each one of us and sit back and relax by watching a movie. It is safe to say that London will not leave one disappointed in this respect, to say the least!

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