London and its many attractions

London can be described as the cultural epicentre of the UK being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country. Besides being a financial powerhouse it is also one the most visited capital cities on the European continent. Every year millions of tourists visit the city to admire and explore its numerous attractions that are both old and modern. The city is also home to the British Royal Family which adds to its charm. The city always has a range of activities, performances and events lined up for tourists and visitors to enjoy and be entertained.

One of the best places to stay on a holiday in London is the district of Paddington. It has some excellent hotels like the BW Shaftesbury Paddington Court London, which are competitively priced, but offer all the top class facilities and comforts expected of a luxury hotel. Visitors staying at the BW Shaftesbury Paddington Court London also are in close proximity to some of the best attractions in Paddington, two of which include:

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum: A very interesting place to visit when staying in the Paddington district is the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum. It has been reconstructed exactly as it would have been in 1928, when Sir Alexander worked here and made one of the most significant breakthroughs in modern medicine. It was a time in history, when bacterial infections were rife with diseases like syphilis among others that killed hundreds of thousands of people across the world. It was Sir Alexander’s pioneering efforts that resulted in penicillin being discovered and which helped to save millions of lives all over the world. The laboratory has all the authentic equipment as in Sir Alexander’s time. It is a great place for history buffs and budding physicians to visit. It tells the story of the life and times of this great man who helped to revolutionise modern medicine, and the impact his discovery had on the world.

British Museum: With over 7 million exhibits and artefacts the British Museum is a veritable treasure trove that reflects the journey of mankind and civilisation through the ages. It is known to be one of the most exhaustive collections on the planet, with objects and items from all periods of human history and spanning all corners of the earth. It offers a glorious insight in to human culture and the way humanity evolved through time. It houses priceless artefacts like the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone, the Mildenhall treasure and the Portland Vase among scores of other invaluable items. It was the creation of an eminent physician Sir Hans Sloane in 1753, who bequeathed his personal collection, which since has expanded extensively to become one of the largest museums of antiquity in the world. The museum offers daily guided tours and special exhibitions at different times of the year.

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