Live music venues you should not miss in London

The capital city of England has always been known for being the hub of creativity. With the increase in the number of growing bands, singers and musicians, the capital city has become well enriched. It is hardly any surprise to state that there are plenty of spaces available in the city where you can get to enjoy the live shows in the most delightful manner. The musical venues in London city host some of the greatest shows of all times along with offering a platform to the budding talents.

From large arenas to little smoky bars, London city has got all what it takes to make your desire of attending the concerts of established as well as about to become established bands of the world.

Everyone simply loves a good share of gig and the city of London takes pride in offering all of it. You can look ahead to take some time out to listen to U2 or Eric Clapton while visiting the O2 Arena and then quickly catching up with a  friend or so over a drink at one of the speakeasies around the town. You can also look forward to visit some of the local bars for listening to the tunes of jazz being played by a musician that you have never heard before.

All of these can only happen in the city of London which takes pride in offering an enthralling atmosphere when it comes to the live musical performances. The spirit of offering continues with the city’s uplifting musical spirit which have been sprucing up the travel quotient of every leisure seeker.

There are several amazing places in the English capital where you can surely look out for an amazingly presented live musical gig. Listed below are some of them which you absolutely cannot afford to miss visiting while coming over to this part of the European continent.

•Oval Space: This one has opened its doors to the public in the year 2012 and has its base right in the heart of Bethnal Green. This place has been a former medical warehouse ad at present it has been hosting a wide range of events and activities ranging from live musical gigs to offering the visitors with a greatest dose of performance art. If you are planning to explore most of what East London strives to offer the visitors with then you absolutely cannot miss paying a visit to the Oval Space which nestles in the industrial complex and offer some amazingly stunning views of the harsh steel structures of the gas holders.

The warehouse styles space has an extensive area of almost 6000 square metre which appears to be quite immense. Apart from having the main events for, the Oval Space also offers the visitors with an art gallery and two outdoor terraces. Since it is based in n industrial location, it mainly hosts electronic, house and left filed music on a pre dominant basis. If you are up for a party then this is where you should be seen at.

•Union Chapel: Being constructed in the 19th century, this one is a Victorian Gothic Church which is a Grade I listed building which is a working church at the daytime and becomes the hub for hosting some of the most electrifying musical shows for the visitors. Stay at a city centre hotel in London by checking out the London hotels offers at Premier Club Rewards; and look ahead to spend some considerable amount of time over here. As you enter the venue, you will be delighted to check out the domed ceiling, stained glass windows offering an ultra-contemporary look to the place.

•The Dublin Castle: It hardly matters which day of the week it is, this is the perfect venue which has three flesh bands for you every single night. The entrance fee is relatively smaller and the venue has been quite popular for the musicians who are aged over forty years. You may get lucky and run into somebody famous over here while enjoying the enthralling atmosphere of the Dublin Castle.

•Half Moon: This is something you should never miss out on. You would feel delighted to come across to the fact that the Rolling Stones have played here right at the beginning of their career. U2 has been a great place for offering a happening platform to the aspiring musicians who dream of making it big in this world of music. At times, you will be able to come across to several established musicians and then again you will also get the enthralling opportunity to enjoy the amazing performances of the legends such as Geno Washington and Elvis Costello.

•New Cross Inn: If your purpose of visiting London is to get enthralled with absolute entertainment then visit the New Cross Inn which has been considered to be one of the most interesting places to visit in the city of London. Each night, the DJs take the stage in this enthusiastic club and continue entertaining the crowd with the sounds which they produce. Apart from all of these, there is also an open mic night which offers a great opportunity to the visitors to check the attributes whether you have all what it takes to become the aspiring rock star.

•House of Wolf: For those who are willing to visit Islington in London must make sure to explore this musical venue during their vacation trip. This one is a three storey Victorian Iair which was opened back in the year 2012 and was one of the earliest listed musical venues in the city of London. The venue has several bars and dining spaces which have been constructed with different aesthetics.

•Birthdays: This one is a hipster happy venue which remains open till late at night and is eminent at featuring several bands throughout the week. The DJs take up the dance floors during the weekend. The Psychic Burger is the best in town. The sound system over here is amazing and the crafts beers are also available.

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