Hobart is An Exciting Place To Visit

The capital of Australia’s island state of Tasmania, Hobart was founded in 1804. It began as a penal colony and is the second oldest capital in Australia after Sydney. Its harbour is the second deepest natural port on the planet. Hobart lies to the south-east of Tasmania and is situated on the estuary of the Derwent River. Initially Risdon Cove was established as a penal colony settlement and later it was shifted to its current location at Sullivan’s Cove. It got its name from the Colonial Secretary at the time Lord Hobart.

One of the oldest hotels in Hobart is Hadleys Orient Hotel that was originally constructed in 1834. Hadleys Orient Hotel is a National Trust Heritage site situated in the centre of Hobart, a short distance from Constitution Docks and Salamanca. With numerous attractions, a pleasant climate and flora and fauna that is unique to the region, Hobart makes for an ideal holiday destination. Some of the top attractions in Hobart worth a visit are:

The Maritime Museum: To learn about the rich maritime history of Hobart and Tasmania a visit to the Maritime Museum is a must. With a rich and interesting maritime past, the Museum exhibits the growth of the city at different stages. Here visitors can learn about how maritime related industries like Trading & Export, whaling etc. Developed in the area and about those who explored Tasmanian waters. There also are exhibits on shipwrecks, ship building, naval warfare and aboriginal watercraft etc. The Museum is located within the Carnegie Building in the centre of Hobart.  There are guided walking tours of the place available.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery:  To learn about Tasmania’s extraordinary history, arts and culture take a trip to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. There are a wide variety of exhibitions (temporary & touring), special displays and a vast permanent collection.  There is an excellent collection of the diverse flora and fauna that is to be found only in Tasmania. The Museum houses an impressive art collection, cultural and heritage items, and great areas like the Discovery Space room.  Admission is free to the Museum and is a fun place to visit for visitors of all age groups. There also are free guided tours available on certain days of the week.

Tasmanian Distillery and Museum: For those who want to brush up their knowledge about the art of brewing Scottish and Irish Scottish whiskey the Tasmanian Distillery and Museum is the place to visit. Here visitors will see skilled craftsmen in action who have mastered the art of whiskey making and also added a unique Australian touch to create top quality whiskey. The Distillery is renowned as being a boutique producer of single malt whiskey that is especially hand-crafted.  Tourists and visitors can learn about as well as sample a variety of fine whiskeys from all over the world. There is a minor admission fee to the Museum and Distillery, but it is well worth it being an enriching experience for whiskey enthusiasts.

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