All about the beautiful Parks in London

London has some of the most beautiful parks which are filled with a certain sense of charm and beauty.

Visit the beautiful city of London and get back a great combination of ultimate pleasures. Surely this is a wonderful haven filled with the best parks and gardens. Come here and enjoy the simple delights of a valuable land. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is an area which provides the city with the best and makes the most of amazing terrain. The park got split into two way back in the year 1728 and this was at the time when Queen Caroline took over 300 acres of the land from the beautiful Hyde Park and formed the Kensington Gardens. The area is today one of the best loved parks in the city. Every kind of activity is found in Hyde Park and one just loves to come and enjoy horse riding, bowls, rollerblading as well as playing tennis. These are all catered for use for everyone and while one does find games of Frisbee, rounders and cricket here, there are also cases where people just come to get rejuvenated in the Sports Field. In fact it is in Hyde Park that one finds most of the interesting locations like the Speaker’s Corner, the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, and the beautiful Serpentine Lake etc. This is a feature that one owes to Queen Caroline who began the trend of landscaping the entire place. The Serpentine Lake is a hub of activity during the summer season when people come here for boating and other pleasures. There is a solar powered boat which caters with two cafes all found on the water’s edge. Hyde Park is one of the most important places to visit while in London and attracts a diverse crowd. Thus it is one of the most interesting places in London. With concerts, free guided walks and other forms of entertainment the place is indeed a perfect hub to enjoy.

The Regent’s Park
This is a wonderful place filled with the best of greenery and a lot of activity. The Regent’s Park is a wonderful hub of recreation and is a huge expanse filled with amazing borders and beautiful park pleasures. It has two beautiful circular areas, an inner and an outer circle. The park indeed is famous for its lovely stucco terraced houses which have been actually designed by a royal architect Nash. This was once upon a time a hunting ground for the very active Henry VIII who told Nash to convert the land sometime in the 19th century. Today the park is very famous for its connection with the London Zoo and is located in the north east end of the park. There is an ornate bandstand, an open air theatre, and a huge boating lake. The mosque and the sports field complete the look and one only loves to come and feel closer to the beautiful ambience of parkland area along with its landscaped gardens. The Queen Mary’s Gardens here is tended well and taken care of too and the Rose Garden is filled with the best of flowers. There are more than 30,000 flowers here. Enjoy the ambience of the Primrose Hill which is found at the northern end of the Regent’s Park and this merges in to a lovely combination of visual delights and amazing pleasures. There are many eateries here which completely dominate the park and with stylish bars and cafes they fill the area with a certain sense of beauty and charm. It is indeed a wonderful place for all kinds of outdoor activities. When one visits the zoo or the theatre one has to ensure that there is a lot of recreation feeling in the park.

The Chelsea Physic Gardens Home
The pleasures of the Chelsea Physic Gardens Home are the world’s best outdoor grapefruit tree locale and are hidden amidst huge brick walls and are a tranquil and serene location. It has the best collections of idyllic plants and flourishes in a lovely micro climate. There are lovely apothecary and botanic gardens which cater to the needs of the people. There is a magnificent collection of plants along with lovely gravel pathways and amazing ponds and statues. The garden seems to have a pledge to take care of the best medicinal herbs in this part of the world. The garden is a favorite of the locals and is a magic hub of activity for all who come here for a short walk. It is not only an educational centre but also gives one a renewed motivation to be part of the visits always. Stay in one of the hotels in west end London and bring back valuable pleasures.

The Petit Holland Park
This is a wonderful joint for all those who wish to come to a place that helps one escape the land of noise and sound. It is located in one of the most elegant locales of the city and gives pleasures of wonderful travel luxuries. Not only are the cozy grassy knolls wonderful but also the wild ponds which fascinate the viewer. Then of course there are beautiful pavilions and amazing playgrounds for those who love to be adventurous. Also get to see the beauty of the park and the amazing combination of well-manicured lawns and interesting woodland trails. Everyone who comes here enjoys the formal gardens and the amazing ambience. There are at times temporary exhibitions here which are perfect open air operas and maintain the beauty and grace of the city. The specialty here is the peacocks roaming around.

Chiswick House Pleasures
The pleasures of being in the Chiswick House are something that is indeed worth every bit of time spent here. The park is a visual beauty and spans over huge expanses of land. Indeed one loves to be part of this unique green patch in London. Enjoy the beauty and grace of amazing London in true British style.

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