A Guide To Trip To Athens

Planning a trip to Athens will definitely be one of the best things to do this holiday. The city of Athens is really beautiful and houses many spectacular attractions. The list of the attractions in the city runs long. Let us check on the basic necessities before planning a trip to the city.

Which will be the best travel agent for a trip to Athens

The travel agent should be from the city. A local travel agent is always preferable since they will have the best information about the various attractions of the city. The local agents are best when it comes to plan a trip to a city such as Athens. The attractions available in the city are not well known to those who are not a resident of the city. Thus planning the perfect holiday in Athens will need the help of the local agents.

A local agent also comes in real handy when someone faces any issue on foreign land. The issue might be as serious as losing vital documents. An agent who is located miles away will never be able to help in such a situation. However, a local agent is always the best person to turn for help if such an incident is to occur.

When one is planning a great trip, the most important part becomes the accommodation. There are plenty of hotels in Athens, which also include the 4 star hotel in Athens which serve as the perfect option for the moderate budget holidays. The local agents are in the best position when it comes to providing the best deals at these hotels. The local agents have direct collaboration with the hotels and they provide the best and the most discounted deals from the agents, thus saving a large amount on the trip.

Even though it is being said that the local agents are the best, the experience do count. It is important to check for how long the agency has been operating. Without meaning to demean the struggle of those who are new in the genre, it can be said that wherever foreign travel is concerned, it is always best to stick with the most experienced one.

What to see while visiting Athens

Athens is full of various places t visit. It is essentially a beautiful city, which makes it a treat to the eyes. Greece itself is a treat to the eyes of those who are visiting it for the first time. However, besides the beauty of the city and the country as a whole, there is pretty large number of special attractions available which any person visiting Athens must never miss out.

  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus is the first and most important thing one should check out. The place was built by Herod Atticus and dedicated to Aspasia Annia Regilli, his wife. The place is a giant theatre which can accommodate about 5000 to 6000 and is used to this date for various programs, especially the Athens Festival.
  • National Library, with its stock of 4500 manuscripts from ancient Greece, is one of the best place for the scholars as well as the ones how love history and wish to know more about the country.
  • National Garden, located behind the parliament and connected to the Zappeion via a gate is a great place to visit to be close to nature, and a few other special attractions as well. The Zappeion was used for fencing hall at the time of the first modern Olympics.


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