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Rome is famous for five star hotels nestling among the culture and historic landmarks

Visitors to the ancient city of Rome come in their droves looking for historic remains, culture landmarks, and a vibrant and bustling city. In the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, and the remains of the Roman Forum, they will find towering reminders of the Italian capital city’s ancient past. However, Rome is also a culture capital [...]

Stunning Stays At The Heart of Edinburgh

Edinburgh offers an extraordinary city stay no matter what you’re looking for or planning to get up to on your getaway or little holiday. Whether you’re looking to indulge a swift and simple weekend stay or whether you’re planning a longer jolly then there is surely something here for you at this stunning Scottish city. [...]

Unusual London Cinemas

If there is anything which London can be relied upon for, it is that it has a fine offering of all things unique.  From restaurants which only serve meals in the dark to hotels in old prisons, there is always something diverse to be found in the capital city and the cinemas here are no [...]

A Quick Flashback to Princess Charlotte and Princess Victoria’s christening!

Lately Princess Charlotte, little girl of Prince William and Princess Kate, was christened at Sandringham. So we thought we’d examine other christenings well that occurred in London very nearly 200 years prior that of Princess Victoria along with brief of other christening in Royal family’s history. Princess Charlotte Christening At the Princess Charlotte christening the [...]

London’s Coolest Rising Neighbourhoods

In London, fizzing costs are pushing first-time purchasers and empowering them into ranges they would never have considered. The speediest rising ward with four problem areas and eateries and clubs springing up quicker than you can check them. Top spot is Hoxton on the edge of the City, then Hackney Marshes and Victoria Park. Hackney’s [...]

The Montcalm Hotel Spa & Tips to Detox Your Skin

In the event that you like a touch of included luxury with your back rub or facial, then these luxury hotels spa possess a great deal of that. These luxury hotels are all midway found, near the majority of London’s best bits and perfect in case you’re making a day of it. So in no [...]

Relax in the Lap of Nature at London’s Free Parks and Gardens

It is incredible that a vast city, that is nothing less than a concrete jungle, has so much green space in the form of large parks and gardens that provide a serene environment in the midst of the hubbub of city life. The city also has eight Royal parks which are Hyde Park, Green Park, [...]

London and its many attractions

London can be described as the cultural epicentre of the UK being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country. Besides being a financial powerhouse it is also one the most visited capital cities on the European continent. Every year millions of tourists visit the city to admire and explore its numerous attractions that [...]

London Offers Many Free Activities for Kids

Contrary to common perceptions that London is not a very kids-friendly city and that it is a frightfully expensive place to visit especially with your kids, the truth is that it offers a lot of free things to do for kids and there are ways and means of staying in the city in a tight [...]

Choose From The Best Hotels in Athens For A Fantastic Trip To The Beautiful Greek Capital

The city of Athens is a beautiful destination for a holiday as there is so much to see and do. The magnificent Greek capital city has many historic buildings and cultural destinations as well as pretty beaches and shopping. There are a huge amount of luxury accommodations available to book into when visiting this bustling [...]