The Church of Christ

Christ Church is a beautiful church which is located in the Mermaid Theatre part of London. Unlike the churches which one is likely to find in other parts of the city such as Westminster, Christ Church is different in many ways. One such way it is different is its age. It is younger than a great many of its parishioners. It was founded only in the month of October in 2004 and cannot boast of a track record running back centuries and generations of faithful and pious parishioners; Christ Church more than makes up with a large devoted number of followers.

  • Christ Church is one of the New Frontier Churches and was founded by David Stroud, who moved from Birmingham to start the church along with Adrian Holloway and Rhys Scott in 2004.
  • At its inception, some months later in 2005, Christ Church was not based where it currently is. Rather, it was located at the New Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden. It can be found in the Mermaid Theatre Conference Centre, following a series of relocations to cater to the ever growing parish group.
  •  It is also an Evangelical church and as a result, a church service here at the church is never dreary and witnessing it one can truly see the passion which people have when they come to worship God.
  • One of the many great things about Christ Church is that since it has an overriding belief that one’s religion is more comprehensive and extends to society.
  • Another belief of the members of Christ Church is that serving the community through social action is one of the noblest things which can be done by an individual.
  • With its great spire, it can be seen from quite a distance and one can enter the premises and interact with the Senior Pastor of Christ Church, David Stroud.
  • Christ Church has and serves a congregation which is quite diverse as there are parishioners who are from more than nineteen countries who come to attend the church service and take part in the activities held by the groups of the church.
  • Christ Church looks to serve a range of people which are geographically far wider than the parishioners who are able to make it to church, physically, each week. There are online resources which are created by the church which are openly available.
  • For those who are travelling, sick or for other reasons, not able to make the services held at the  church, they need not miss out on the service as there is the opportunity to access the material online, which presents itself.
  • In addition to this, talks and series of sermons are released by Christ Church which can be accessed. These sermons are deep and meaningful and cover some of the most landmark individuals who are featured in the Bible. Moses, to make apt use of an example, is one who has a series of sermons based around him.
  • The motto of the church is ‘This City. This Nation. The Nations.’

Activities conducted by the society of Christ Church include:

  • Curry nights
  • Picnics- The respective venues for these picnics varies. However, they are usually held at pleasant spots which enable group activities. An example of this is St. Paul’s Cathedral Gardens.
  • Football
  • Live music nights and festivals: The belief of the members or parishioners of Christ Church is that religion is something that is to be integrated with a happy life. Groups formed by the members of the church set off to have memorable trips in various places. For example, for the year 2015, it is planned for a group from the church to visit Momentum, which is a five day music festival which takes place in Shepton Mallet, in Somerset.

These activities help develop the community and make people feel that they truly belong and have a special place in society, which they do.

Christ Church is a registered charity and accepts donations and financial support to keep the mission and good work it does going on; to sustain it.

In order to get to Christ Church one should keep a couple of points in mind:

  • The closest station to Christ Church, if one is making use of the tube to gain access to it, is Blackfriars.
  • The church is based on the side of London north of the Thames so it is recommended that people club other activities in the area along with paying a visit to Christ Church.

Places to stay around Christ Church, in the vicinity of Mermaid Gate include:

It provides great comfort and a restful night to the guest and renders great value for money to him or her.

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